Cousins August 2014-7

The end of August is filled with birthdays in my family. My dad & nephew share the same day, my set of twin nephews are a week later, and my sister’s is 2 days after that. It’s always such a busy, but fun time.

Cousins August 2014-8 Cousins August 2014-9

Price, Autumn, and I headed back to my hometown to be able to celebrate with everyone. We arrived on my dad & nephew’s birthday so there was some cake then & some more cake when we all got back together at my sister’s mom’s house the next day.

Cousins August 2014-10

It’s so much fun to hang out but I really love watching all the cousins play together as they now range from 12-9 months. My niece Cara adores Autumn and is so gentle with her, even after Autumn grabs fists full of her hair. Ouch!

Cousins August 2014-11 Cousins August 2014-12

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Price played with some baseball with the twins. Cara wanted to join in too so there was a bit of short distance, slow pitch to her which she did pretty well with.

Cousins August 2014-14

Hey Uncle TJ!

Cousins August 2014-13 Cousins August 2014-15

Cousins August 2014-6

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Just trying to get some pictures of Poppy with all the grandkids! (poor Cara getting her hair pulled!)

Cousins August 2014-5

Umm, this photo works…