4.16-20: Mom Visiting Weekend Recap

{Thursday Night}

get home | tidy up | get Autumn from daycare | Mom arrives | Play around with Autumn | Price comes home | Autumn has dinner, bath, goes to bed | dinner | hang out | Mom goes to bed | watch DVR’d Grey’s | go to bed

150421_long weekend recap_01

150421_long weekend recap_02


up at 6.15 | go to project | work | get Autumn from daycare | dinner: pork cutlets, roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts | watch Grimm | Triple D | blogging | bed

 150421_long weekend recap-3 150421_long weekend recap-4

150421_long weekend recap-5


 up a 6.30 | shopping at Haymarket | Juicery | walk on rose Kennedy Greenway | Christopher Columbus Playground | home | play around | lunch | Trader Joe’s | Jo Ann’s Fabric | home | grilling | dinner | Autumn has a bath & goes to bed | hang out| bed

150421_long weekend recap-6 150421_long weekend recap-7

150421_long weekend recap-8 150421_long weekend recap-9

150421_long weekend recap-10 150421_long weekend recap-11

150421_long weekend recap-12

150421_long weekend recap-13 150421_long weekend recap-14

150421_long weekend recap-15

150421_long weekend recap-16


up at 5.15am | breakfast | Target for Lilly stuff 😦 | home | Autumn naps | Target | wedding dress alterations at David’s Bridal | home | late lunch while Autumn naps | paint with Autumn | dinner & bath| blogging work | Naked and Afraid marathon | bed

 150421_long weekend recap-17 150421_long weekend recap-18

150421_long weekend recap-19

150421_long weekend recap-20 150421_long weekend recap-21

150421_long weekend recap-22


Marathon Monday

up early | make breakfast | PRice goes to work | mom wakes up | kitchen clean up | Autumn naps | food prep | watch Marathon coverage | drop mom off at the airport | eat lunch | go to work | go to CVS | shopping at Loft | meet Price to go home | arrive home | Autumn has dinner | get Mani Pedi | Market Basket | dinner | watch Mad Men | bed

 150421_long weekend recap-23 150421_long weekend recap-24

150421_long weekend recap-25

150421_long weekend recap-26

150421_long weekend recap-27 150421_long weekend recap-28


4.3-5: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

leave work early- Autumn not feeling well | get Autumn at 3.30 | Price put Autumn to sleep at 6.30 | talk to dad | dinner | work- issue Bulletin  | watch DVR’d Grimm | bed

140406_Weekend Recap-1

140406_Weekend Recap-2 140406_Weekend Recap-3

140406_Weekend Recap-4


up ‘late’ at 7am | breakfast | Price worked on the dryer vent | Autumn naps | kitchen clean up | walked with Autumn to the Post Office & Salvation Army (Pyrex!!) | lunch | more dryer vent work | Autumn naps | dye Easter eggs | vent done! | dinner | go to Market Basket | work & do time sheet | shower | go to bed

140406_Weekend Recap-5

140406_Weekend Recap-6 140406_Weekend Recap-7

140406_Weekend Recap-8

140406_Weekend Recap-9 140406_Weekend Recap-10



up at 6am | prep brunch food- veggies, dip, buffalo wings | go to Catherine & Ed’s for Easter brunch | home by 3pm | play and read mini books with Autumn | put away clothes | prep breakfast & lunch for Monday | Price gives Autumn a bath & puts her to bed | make dinner | watch DVR’d SNL | work | blogging | Man Men | bed

140406_Weekend Recap-11 140406_Weekend Recap-12

140406_Weekend Recap-13 140406_Weekend Recap-14

140406_Weekend Recap-15

140406_Weekend Recap-16

1.24-25: End of Cruise Weekend Recap


up early | breakfast & walk around the ship | disembark | Dad picked us up | visit Model Home | unpack & start laundry | mom & nanny come to Dad’s house | lunch, hang out, dinner | Autumn has a bath | Autumn to bed | Mom and Nanny leave | guide mom to highway | get ice cream with Robin | watch The Interview | pack the suitcases | go to be really late

150126_weekend recap-1 150126_weekend recap-2 150126_weekend recap-3


up early | breakfast | Dad drops us off at the airport | flight | home | Kemper gets home | go to the grocery store | Autumn naps | basketball | make Autumn’s dinner | Autumn has bath & goes to bed | burgers and fries for dinner | hang out | watch Screen Actors’ Guild Awards | bed

150126_weekend recap-4 150126_weekend recap-5

150126_weekend recap-6 150126_weekend recap-7

150126_weekend recap-8 150126_weekend recap-9

150126_weekend recap-10

150126_weekend recap-11

Grampa Rice

Grampa Rice-4

 We were so lucky that Autumn was able to met her great grampa this past summer.

She happily sat on his lap as he cradled her with his massive hands. It was so great to see Autumn with Price and his mom Elaine and her father all together. Four Generations.

Grampa Rice-2 Grampa Rice-3

Sadly he passed away just a few weeks ago at the age of 94.

Price went to the memorial in Maine today and is having some family time this weekend.

Grampa Rice-6

Marshall L. Rice Sr. lived a long and happy life. He did a variety of jobs from being a solider to a business man to a lobster man.  He lived all over from Massachusetts to New York to Hawaii to Maine. He was even at the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He loved Sunshine, Maine so much that he even opened a campground so that others could enjoy its beauty as well. He will be greatly missed by his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the others who’s lives he touched.

Grampa Rice-1 Grampa Rice-5

Although Autumn won’t remember getting to meet her great grampa, we can show her these sweet pictures and tell her all about him.

We would see Marshall whenever Price and I visited his mom’s summer house in Maine. He would come over from his house down the road to have coffee and crossword puzzles with Elaine at the kitchen table or the table in the dining room. It was always so lovely to hear his deep voice discussing answers with Elaine as she read the clues out loud. His weathered, yet gentle, large hands gently held on to a floral teacup of coffee. In between the crossword puzzle answers he would talk about the current events on the island or about his past. It was always so nice to soak in those relaxed mornings.

Grampa Rice-7

“It was a great trip, and I enjoyed every day of it. Goodbye to you all.”



Cousins August 2014-7

The end of August is filled with birthdays in my family. My dad & nephew share the same day, my set of twin nephews are a week later, and my sister’s is 2 days after that. It’s always such a busy, but fun time.

Cousins August 2014-8 Cousins August 2014-9

Price, Autumn, and I headed back to my hometown to be able to celebrate with everyone. We arrived on my dad & nephew’s birthday so there was some cake then & some more cake when we all got back together at my sister’s mom’s house the next day.

Cousins August 2014-10

It’s so much fun to hang out but I really love watching all the cousins play together as they now range from 12-9 months. My niece Cara adores Autumn and is so gentle with her, even after Autumn grabs fists full of her hair. Ouch!

Cousins August 2014-11 Cousins August 2014-12

Cousins August 2014-1 Cousins August 2014-2

Price played with some baseball with the twins. Cara wanted to join in too so there was a bit of short distance, slow pitch to her which she did pretty well with.

Cousins August 2014-14

Hey Uncle TJ!

Cousins August 2014-13 Cousins August 2014-15

Cousins August 2014-6

Cousins August 2014-4 Cousins August 2014-3

Just trying to get some pictures of Poppy with all the grandkids! (poor Cara getting her hair pulled!)

Cousins August 2014-5

Umm, this photo works…