9.28-30: weekend recap

{Friday night } stay late at work to issue project | dinner and drinks at Parish with Em and Pricer | train & bus home | bed

{Saturday} wake up after 8am | unpack new kitchenade pack up old kitchenaid | drop kitchenaid off for contractor | pick up Loft clothes at my office | dry cleaning pick up | grocery store | hours of taking apart the kitchen & reorganizing everything | hot dogs for lunch | Price went shopping for tools & CVS trip-  got my pretty hair things at CVS | Libery Tree Mall to see The Master movie | Sonic for drinks | home | bed

{Sunday} sleep in | egg mock muffins | cleaning the apartment | TV & lounging | 12.50 show of The Dark Night Rises | puppy browsing | grocery store | liquor store | dinner | made apple pie cocktail | baked apple pie squares | baked apple pie tarts | watched Giant’s game (they lost!) | worked on fashion show wigs | bed


9.7-9: Weekend Update

{Friday night} Leave work early | shopping | meet Price & Emily to get car to go to CT | Price drives | Shake Shack | drop Emily off | home | Catch up with mom | bed {Saturday} therapy with Mom | feed Nanny’s cat | CVS | home | swap cars | Nanny is back from her cruise | grocery shopping | caught in rain storm | lunch from Fire House Deli | naps | Target & Modell’s run with pizza take out for Mom’s Bday | relax & watch NASCAR race | fell asleep on sofa | bed {Sunday} up early | grocery store run | breakfast @ my sister’s – made stuffed French Toast while Price played video games w the boys | pack up the car | pick up Emily | Sonic | drop Em off @ home | pick things up at work | PetSmart | Micheal’s | CVS | home | relax & make dinner | work on wig while watching DVR’d shows & football | bed




A Sea of Blue: The Giants’ Super Bowl 46 Parade

So I played a bit of hooky today and skipped out on work to see the Giant’s parade!!! My brother went to the parade when they won the 2007 Super Bowl so we decided to go in and see it together this time. So after work Monday I decided to just go, threw some clothes in a bag, and I hightailed it out Newton to drve down to Greenwich, where I stayed at home for the night. He came by this morning and we went into The City.

We took the West Side Highway down to TriBeCa where we parked to be able to walk down to the parade route. Well, the streets were insane and we ended up being directed back up North along West Broadway to Leonard Street, where we could cut over Broadway, to then go back South. That is when things got even more complicated. Once we got to Worth Street we were stuck since they were not letting anyone cross Worth or Broadway. After being stuck at an intersection for a bit we decided to head back and with some luck noticed a parking garage pass-thru that was not barricaded (well) and we ended up being able to pass through and get to Lafayette. This was much less crowded and we ended up getting a spot at Worth and Lafayette that is where they turned to get to City Hall. We got spots about 3 people in from the barricades. For the parade I ending up perching myself up on a barricade around a crossing walk post which gave me a better vantage point since it put me a little bit higher up.

Our first glimpse of the parade

Jack Ballard



The Lombardi Trophy. (Manning on was on the other side of the float)

Justin Tuck

See that arm on the left waving?!?! That’s Eli Manning. That’s my only pic of him. ha!


Joining the band!

Running backs… running


After the parade we headed up to Little Italy and we had lunch there. Obviously the TV’s where showing the key ceremony at City Hall so we caught part of that too. A quick walk back to the car and we were on our way back up to CT. I grabbed my over night bag at home, said bye to the dogs and then I was on my way back up to Newton.

I do have to admit that while my heart belongs to the Giants, the Boston/New England teams have much better parades. There were several things that they could have done to make it more enjoyable for the spectators. Overall, I felt that they missed the mark with the timing of the parade. There were periods of time when 2-3 minutes would go by and there would not be a float so people actually ended up leaving and missing out on some at the end. They should have been much closer together, like the Celtics 2008 Championship Parade. Also when they did go by they were really fast. Thankfully, my camera was able to do a pretty good job of keeping up on the continuous shooting setting.

I’m so glad I was able to go to The City to see the Super Bowl parade and have a nice time.


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