11.9-11: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} nails done | home | pilgrim sandwiches with Pricer | put away clothes, pack up clothes in bins, & start to pack for Phoenix trip | Price did laundry | bed

{Saturday} up at 5.30 | shower | send emails | pack up | drive to Greenwich | home at 10am | catch up with mom | food network & cat nap | go to the movies to see Flight | feed dogs & get changed | Whole Foods & get wine | potluck party- lots of wine, lots of laughter, great food | watch SVU | bed

{Sunday} Cobi woke me up for attention | finally up at 9 | pack up the car | Nanny gave me copper pots | go to Kris’ to catch up | leave Greenwich at 12.25 | Shake Shack | keep on drivin’ with NPR| home at 4 | relax | football & NASCAR | Price had cigar I got him | Chinese food delivery | Price cleaned the rabbits’ cage | bake | blog | bed





Me thinks not


What would possess someone to do this to their nails?

I saw this on the train this morning and I could not resist taking a photo and then tweeting about it. natch.

It looked like a DIY job, like with a press on nail kit. I certainly hope it was because paying for that would make this whole situation worse.


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