Peter Cottontail

On the first day of summer Price and I headed out for a walk, as previously blogged about HERE. What I did not include in that post were there lovely photos of a handsome/pretty little bun. Truthfully, I have no idea if it was a boy or girl. It had ears and a cute little tail so that is all that matters, but for the purpose of this post the rabbit will be male.

I absolutely love that any time Price sees a rabbit he points it out to me. When he spied this his arm went right in front of me, like how a mom snaps her arm out to guard her kid when she has to slam on the brakes. I was in la-la world enjoying the first day of summer and he broke that la-la moment to point out this little guy.

Once we (I) quieted down, Price started to snap photos of this Peter (obviously that is his name!). He flopped down in the dirt and rolled around. A rabbit that flops is very calm and happy so it was surprising for us to see this from a wild rabbit so close by.

We slowly edged our way closer to get back to our car while trying not to scare it. This took several minutes. This gave Price the perfect opportunity to take pictures and mosquitoes to attack two silent slowly moving warm blooded people.

Peter finally decided that we were just a bit to close to be laying down so he hopped up exposting that lovely white tail of his.

Peter finally decided to follow his bud and make a dash for the wooded area.

Hope you had a great weekend.

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One Response to Peter Cottontail

  1. lol so cute. I don’t think I’ve seen bunnies at our house but at my Gramma’s place in FL they’re everywhere!

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