Dining Out- Eggs Benedict

My absolute favorite breakfast/brunch thing to get it Eggs Benedict. I love everything about it. It covers all the bases with the toasted English muffin, griddled Canadian bacon, runny poached egg, and indulgent Hollandaise sauce. I will order Eggs Benedict just about every time we go out for breakfast. It is my signature dish.

I love fluffy toasted English muffins.

I love lean Canadian bacon that has crunchy edges.

I love poached eggs with bright yellow yolks and firm set whites.

I love a smooth Hollandaise sauce that is very lemony.


I rate all eggs benedict dishes based upon those factors:

  • Foundation (English muffin, bread, hash)- 20 pts
  • Protein (Canadian Bacon, steak, crab cake, etc)- 20 pts
  • Poached Egg- 25 pts
  • Hollandaise Sauce- 25 pts
  • Side- 10 points


Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict

Eggs Hussarde Benedict: Toulouse Petit – Seattle, MA (5/2015)

Ceia Brunch_Lobster Eggs Benedict-1

Lobster Eggs Benedict – Ceia Restaurant and Bar Newburyport, MA (3/2015)

Top of The Hill- Eggs Benny-9

Cajun Pork Benedict- Top of the Hill– Chapel Hill, NC (11/2014)

The Cottage_Eggs Benedict-1

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict @ The Cottage– Chestnut Hill, MA (6/2014)

the stuffed pig_eggs benedict_02

Sausage and Gravy Eggs Benedict @ The Stuffed Pig, Marathon FL – 87 points (January ’14)

Tip Tap Room_Eggs Benedict_01

Tip Tap Benedict @ The Tip Tap Room, Boston MA – 86 points (October ’13)

crab cakes benedict_Christie's Newport_01

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict @ Christie’s, Newport RI90 pts (August ’12)

Cafe Mirage_ filet mignon eggs bennedict_01

Filet Mignon Eggs Benedict @ Cafe Mirage, Port Chester NY – 89 pts (June, ’12)

hash benedict_deluxe town diner_05

Hash Benedict @ Deluxe Station Diner, Newton MA – 89 pts (May, ’12)

Jack Benny_Doo Wop Diner_ 03

The Jack Benny @ Doo Wop Diner, Malden MA – 82 pts (March, ’12)

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