Crab Eggs Benedict: Millbrook Company- Sedgwick, ME

Eggs Benedict is my favorite brunch dish. I love to try it everywhere we go from greasy spoons to top rated restaurants. I love the classic version, but I also love trying other fun variations. I share my experiences and personal ratings in my Eggs Benedict Reviews in my Dining Out Section. Check them all out!

Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company

While we were visiting Price’s mom, Elaine, in Maine earlier this summer, we were on a mission to get a new grill for her house there. Since her house is on a itty bitty island it’s a decent drive into the closest town containing big box stores, like 45 minutes.

So we needed some strength to make such a journey (ha!), so we stopped for breakfast on the way at Millbrook Company in Segwick, Maine.

Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_01 Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_02

Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_03

Of course, as soon as I saw an Eggs Benedict on the Specials Board, I was immediately interested. Not just you’re typical Eggs Benedict, but a Crab Benedict, and for just $12.95. It sounded like a delicious deal!

Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_04

In the unassuming building on the side of Rt 15, sits Millbook Company. A breakfast and lunch place opened Wednesday- Sunday from 7.30am to 2.00pm. They have the basics, and they serve them well. When you serve a limited menu, you better do it right, and it seems like they really do with the nice crowds in there and the food we all enjoyed, from the standard breakfast favorites to the delicious specials.

Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_05 Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_06

Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_07

Millbrook Company has a great bakery that creates fantastic breads, cookies, bars, sticky buns, and much, much more. They serve there delicious baked goods at the restaurant, as well as sell them at area farmer’s markets.

While I didn’t get a breakfast that had a side of toast I did get a bite from Elaine just so I could try their house made jam. I love that they pay so close attention to their products that they make their own breads and jams.

Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_08 Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_09

We ordered the Blueberry Buckle for Autumn, figuring it is similar to a muffin, which she enjoys. She did thoroughly enjoyed it, as did we, when we snagged bites ourselves. It was moist, rich, and packed with blueberries. I loved the crumb on top too.

Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_10

I’ve had plenty of Crab Cake Eggs Benedicts before, which are always enjoyable, but I enjoyed the similar approach with just serving crab on the English muffin. It didn’t muddle things, it kept it all perfectly simple, allowing the crab to shine through.

I would have loved some bigger lumps of crab, but the crab itself was delicious and overall I appreciated that it was affordable.

The eggs were poached perfectly. I just love watching when velvety soft warm yolks start to trickle down when the eggs when cut. It blends really well with rich Hollandaise sauce.

The side of potatoes was a little bland, but I I didn’t mind that much as I do appreciate getting to season the potatoes myself as I often find they are under-salted or over-salted. The crust on the potatoes certainly made up for any deficiencies in the amount of salt used when preparing the potatoes. I love the good crust on homefries.

Crab Eggs Benedict_Millbrook Company_11

If you are in the area I suggest stopping by this charming small breakfast and lunch spot. The simple home-cooked meals for affordable prices make for a great place to visit. Be sure to check out the beautiful views from the pavilion too!


English Muffin– 17/20 pts

Crab– 16/20 pts

Poached Egg– 23/25 pts

Hollandaise- 23/25 pts

Homefries– 8/10 pts

Total: 87/100 pts


Millbrook Company

160 Snows Cove Road

Sedgwick, Maine 04676



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