Eggs Hussarde Benedict: Toulouse Petit- Seattle

Eggs Benedict is my favorite brunch dish. I love to try it everywhere we go from greasy spoons to top rated restaurants. I love the classic version, but I also love trying other fun variations. I share my experiences and personal ratings in my Eggs Benedict Reviews in my Dining Out Section. Check them all out!

 Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict

I practically jumped out of my seat when my best friend emailed me some suggestions for places to eat and I saw all of the Eggs Benedict options that Toulouse Petit.


Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-3 Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-8

I was blown away by their options for Eggs Bendict, but also from the brunch menu as a whole. They had so many offerings that all sounded so good. I knew I would get an Eggs Benedict dish, but I have to admit that I was temped with the Bananas Foster Pancakes ($12) and the Croque Madame ($14).

One of the coolest things about Toulouse Petit is that they have a “Breakfast Happy Hour” that runs Monday through Friday from 8am to 11am. While we didn’t visit Toulouse Petit during those hours, it’s a very cool offering as the majority of their menu is $9.

Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-1

We started out brunch with some great drinks. The selection of drinks included the classics, like Bloody Mary’s and a Sazeracs, and ones that were Toulouse Petit creations like the kahula and coffee based Mud Bug and the grapefruit vodka and sparkling wine Madame Toulouse. No matter what drink you pick, they are all $8.50 before 4pm.

Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-5

Emily got the Dungeness Crab and Asparagus Scramble ($18). In addition to the crab and asparagus, there were tender shallots in the scramble. It was then topped off with chervil, chives,and a light mornay sauce. This scramble is served with a side of potatoes. She really enjoyed the scramble, with the exception of the shallots, which she just prefer to typically omit.

 Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-10 Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-9

I decided to get the Eggs Hussarde Benedict as it sounded just so very good with its artisanal ingredients. The ‘Eggs Hussarde’ ($18/$15 during ‘Breakfast Happy Hour’) consists of a toasted split English Muffin, Snake River Farms Ham, poached eggs, the Veal Shallot Pan Sauce,  and a Hollandaise Sauce.

Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-7

Snack River Farms is an Idaho based farm so it’s not quite local but it’s in the region. And it’s well known for their meats. The ham was sliced thinly and was lean. The quality was top notch.

One of the reasons that I love Eggs Benedict so much is its saucy goodness. So I was in utter bliss considering that this had not one, but 2 sauces. Both were incredibly flavorful, smooth, creamy, and rich. Both sauces added so much to the dish from the creamy Hollandaise to the salty, rich pan sauce.

And of course one of the best things about the english muffin base of eggs benedict is that soaks up the Hollandaise so well. And in this case there were two delicious sauces!

The poached eggs were cooked nicely. Slightly cooked more than I prefer as the yolks were a bit firmer than I prefer but they were still pretty runny. Thankfully.

Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-2 Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-6

This was one of the best Eggs Benedict dishes that I’ve ever had!

Plus, there were 2 sauces! Not just your typical Hollandaise Sauce, but there was a Veal and Shallot Pan Sauce.

Toulouse Petit- Eggs Hussarde Benedict-4

We both really enjoyed out breakfast so much that I can easily see why it’s consistently voted one of the best brunch places in the United States.


English Muffin– 18/20 pts

Snack River Farms Ham– 20/20 pts

Poached Egg– 22/25 pts

Veal Pan Sauce and Hollandaise- 25/25 pts

Homefries– 9/10 pts

Total: 93/100 pts


Toulouse Petit

601 Queen Anne Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 432-9069


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