And so it begins, again.

My final semester at the BAC began today.

While I should be excited that the end is finally in sight, I just spent the class listening to some guy talk and talk and talk. Luckily he only teaches for 1 1/2 hours and the other half is with someone else.

In addition to the notes I took, Jim (classmate who went on the Greece trip too) and I entertained ourselves by counting the number of times he said “You see/know….” and “You see/know what I’m saying…”  Want to guess the grand total in 96 minutes???


P.S. We will continue to track this to see if this is was a nervous first class fluke or if this is him ‘Umm’


Summer Means Flip Flop Tans


When Emily and I went to the Sand Sculpture event in July I snapped a picture of our relaxed feet. I love flip flop tans.

Products: Papers, vellum, button, rub-ons, eyelets, and border punch are from Stampin’ Up!, I used Cricut cartridges to cut out the letters.