Last night my Mom sent me some pictures of our dog Piper enjoying a new bone. I had a rough week with lots of homework and little sleep for a degree project review on Thursday night, so it was nice to check my email after class and see Pipes. Totally cheered me up.

IMG_0439  IMG_0440

My Mom got Piper for my 13th birthday… such a great present!!  She was high-strung, hyper, and jumpy when we first got her- her first vet visit revealed she was abused before we got her. Through love and hard work she is good now. Which I find impressive since she really did not pass dog school. Our teacher made us promise to keep working with her as we got the diploma, basically Piper was such a handful in class that she was slowly the rest of the dogs down and making them act up. Since then she has calmed down, plus gotten more mature now that she is 12. It’s hard to see her more sluggish and sleeping more but I love when she acts like a puppy and attacks a bone or playfully runs after Cobi, our 4-year-old chocolate lab.


I named Piper but she really has several names. When she and my mom’s friend’s son were young he used to call her Hyper or Hyper Piper. Now she is Pipes, Piper-do, and Piperdoiloveyou. This is the case with Cobi also, his name is from the cigar brand Cohiba. I call him Chewbacca since he makes this wookie like sound when he wants to go out.


Piper has stayed at home since I moved to Boston for college and I miss her terribly. When I first would come home she used to be excited to see me but now she is more excited to see Price. I go in the house first and she jumps and greets me giving my hands kisses and stretching up on my legs, then she sees Price come in and she gets 100x more excited to see him and she ditches me. After all this excitement  she lays down and stares at me. I call her over to the sofa and she just stares. I call her over and over again. Prices says ‘Piper Come!’ and she flies across the living room to him, sits down and leans on him. She is much better when he is not with me but generally now I get the cold shoulder since she has figure out I show up for 2 days and then I’m gone for 1-2 months. It excites me to no end if she actually stays in my room and sleeps with me or stays with me on the boat.


My mom has brought Piper up for overnights when she visits but I had Pipes up to Boston 2x for stays, once for several weeks and for a week. She sorta taught my old roommate’s puppy that it is not acceptable to bark so much. It was great to have her up and for a break from a howling beagle puppy. On the last day of her last visit I brought her into work. We were in our old space so things were a little less strict there. I still ‘snuck’ her in by putting her in a bag so security would not see her. This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures of her. It has been my desktop image for over 2 years now. 



One thought on “Piper-do

  1. DOM says:

    i loved your blog,the pictures were fantastic,did not know you were into so much cooking, next time your here would love to give you all my recipes from my cook book i started

    love DOM


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