Fundays- December

Everyday should be a holiday.

Boston thinks this. They have so many holidays, and so many parades. No joke. In 2009 there were over 25 parades that celebrated everything from St Patrick’s Day, Independence Day (even Greek), Gay Pride, neighborhoods, revolutionary war battles, pets, nationalities, etc. So if the city of Boston can have Evacuation Day, Patriots’ Day, or Bunker Hill Day there can be National Cookie Day.

December- National Tie Month

12/1- National Pie Day

12/2- National Fritters Day

12/3- Jazz Day

12/4- National Cookie Day & Wear a Beard of Bees Today Day

12/5- International Volunteer Day & Walt Disney’s Birthday

12/6- National Gazpacho Day (seems out of season to me)

12/7- Cotton Candy Day & Anniversary of Pearl Harbor (1941)

12/8- National Brownie Day

12/9- National Pastry Day

12/10- Human Rights Day

12/11- National Noodle Ring Day

12/12- Poinsettia Day

12/13- Violin Day

12/14- National Bouillabaisse Day

12/15- National Lemon Cupcake Day

12/16- National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

12/17- National Maple Syrup Day

12/18- Bake Cookies Day

12/19- National Oatmeal Muffin Day

12/20- National Sangria Day (the 21st must be the unofficial hangover day!)

12/21- Look At the Bright Side Day & National Flashlight Day (check your batteries)

12/22-  International Arbor Day & Winter Solstice

12/23- Fools Day

12/24- National Egg Nog Day

12/25- Christmas and Pumpkin Pie Day


12/26- National Candy Cane Day

12/27- Visit the Zoo Day and & National Fruitcake Day (confession: I love fruitcake!)

12/28- Card Playing Day, Eat Vegetarian Day

12/29- Broadway Day

12/30- National Bicarbonate of Soda Day (baking soda)

12/31- National Champagne Day & Check Smoke Alarms Day

Have Fun this Month!


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