Magic Garden


While visiting my friend Dawn in Philly this past weekend, we went to the Magic Garden. Magic Garden is this indoor and outdoor exhibit that displays the work of Isaiah Zagard. While his work is throughout Philadelphia, this is the most concentrated area. This work and his murals use tiles, mirrors, glass bottles, bicycle pieces, glass, and other odds and ends of discarded materials.


The work was beautiful and spectacular. Shimmery reflections of tile. Unique shapes and colors. Intricate patterns and designs. It’s just as important to stand close to the tile and look at the details as it is to step back to see the overall look of the wall and how that one piece fits into everything.

  Magic Garden is pretty cool but I loved how Isaiah’s work creeps out in the neighborhood. Dawn and I walked around looking at the work on buildings and in people’s yards. If you go to Philadelphia you have to check this place out. It was amazing in the day with the sun reflecting off of all the mirrors but I bet it is cool to see at dusk/night since there are strings of lights on some of the work.


One thought on “Magic Garden

  1. Mom says:

    Magic Garden is an awesome exhibit. I love how Zagard’s work crept out into the neighborhood. The tiles looked like they were dancing with color !!!


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