How to: Photo Collage

Since moving in June, Price and I have been putting effort into our apartment to make it ‘ours’. Not just our apartment, but ‘our’ apartment. You see, the apartment that we just moved from was a weird layout so it limited furniture placement, had a giant old (ugly) sofa in it that had to stay (my best friend Emily named it The ‘Cos), and was painted obscenely bright colors that could not change (until it flooded and we were able to talk sense into the landlords). And most importantly, I lived there prior to Price moving in with basically no furniture so it didn’t appear that Price actually lived there.

One of the things that we wanted to show off were our fun times that we have captured in photos. A way to feature these photos is with photo collages. I love that they capture a variety of photos in a fun gathering of frames. I attempted to have them in our old place but our cray cray landlord thought it was a brilliant idea to have dark purple walls (in a basement), so I had to settle on collage frames since I could not have a ton of holes in the walls. I got so disinterested in them that I just gave up and left a few spots empty. See below:

So with the opportunity to have fun with this place we set out having a wall feature an assembly of photo frames. Price and I scoured the web for inspiration. I used Pinterest a lot- esp my “New Apartment” board- for gathering different decorating ideas, including the collages.

Price and I agree on nearly nothing when it comes to pretty much anything decorating, so it it was not shocking that I finally got the photo collage up today… 3 months after moving in. We bounced around questions relating to…  black frames? white frames? what colors are the mats? sizes? frames styles?

We finally settled on black and white frames. We decided not to limit ourselves with a particular frame style or brand. The black frames would have a white mat, while white frames would have a mix of white and map mats. Sizes would range from a 4×6 to 8×10.

How to put up a photo collage:

1) Layout your photos on a piece of craft paper (even the back of wrapping paper could work).

2) Outline all frames with a marker.

3) Put you craft paper layout on wall with painter’s tape. Locate where you want your collage to be located. If you anticipate your collage growing, like we do, locate it where you will have enough room to allow outward expansion.

Frames from Target, Michael’s and Ikea. The Ikea frames used are: SÖNDRUM, NYTTJA, and RIBBA.


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Unlock Your Story- Scrapbooking Class

I just completed an online scrapbooking class taught by Elizabeth Kartchner. She is one of my favorite scrapbookers and bloggers. This is the second class I have taken from her and I have enjoyed it jsut as much as the first one.

The class was called ” Unlock Your Story” which was focused on scrapbooking about yourself or even a close relationship and REALLY journaling about it. I was drawn to this class because I often find myself scrapbooking about things, and not myself. Additionally, my journaling is basic by just touching on what is happening at that moment and I really wanted to force myself to open up and develop my story, whatever that may be.

I signed up for the class and got the kit (Thanks Mom!) because I love getting to use what the teacher is using as well, maybe not the same way but I love having the same materials. That being said I used the class instructions as a starting point. I always stray from the agenda but always get something that I love in the end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t like what Liz was teaching, but I always have that lesson to refer to so I might as well experiment a little bit and see what I come up with. If I don’t like it I can go back to the exact lesson plan, since that was what was really intended.

The thing I loved the most was getting to make paper flowers (shown on the first envelope). I know I will be using this technique in my own future pages. They are so lovely and add a lot of dimension to the page.

I have not done my journaling for the class yet since that was the main focus and I really could not focus on it these past 2 weeks. Plus, I knew that some of the things I would write would be reflective and rather private so I did not want it posted up on the blog. So my next step to wrap this up is to do the rest of the journaling.

If you have the chance to take a class that Liz is offering, jump at it. They are so much fun!

Catch up on Project 365

I spent a lot of time this weekend playing catch up on my Project 365. I realized that I had not uploaded pictures, or even organized, in months. I was taking a lot of photos but I was just dumping them all in a folder called ‘ TO FILE.’ Clever, no?

So I took the time this weekend filing pictures and uploading them to Shuttercal. I’m still in the process of finding some pictures and uploading them but I got a lot done so it’s a good start. I’m really looking forward to ordering my Shuttercal box and monthly set of photos.

Check out my year to date:











Magic Garden


While visiting my friend Dawn in Philly this past weekend, we went to the Magic Garden. Magic Garden is this indoor and outdoor exhibit that displays the work of Isaiah Zagard. While his work is throughout Philadelphia, this is the most concentrated area. This work and his murals use tiles, mirrors, glass bottles, bicycle pieces, glass, and other odds and ends of discarded materials.


The work was beautiful and spectacular. Shimmery reflections of tile. Unique shapes and colors. Intricate patterns and designs. It’s just as important to stand close to the tile and look at the details as it is to step back to see the overall look of the wall and how that one piece fits into everything.

  Magic Garden is pretty cool but I loved how Isaiah’s work creeps out in the neighborhood. Dawn and I walked around looking at the work on buildings and in people’s yards. If you go to Philadelphia you have to check this place out. It was amazing in the day with the sun reflecting off of all the mirrors but I bet it is cool to see at dusk/night since there are strings of lights on some of the work.

While waiting

While making Tres Leche Cake last week I got a little bored….

There are like a half dozen of these with even more rediculous faces as I was playing around with the camera settings and killing time.

I think I have adult onset ADD. Look what happens with 20 minutes to spare. I really should be spending my ‘extra’ time doing important things like folding that never ending pile of clothes heaped on my dresser. ha

BTW, Price got me this apron at David Squared, a cute local store, a while ago. It’s by Jessie Steele. Oh man so many cute aprons!!!!