May- days of truffles, nurses, burgers and hugs

 May is the time of year when Spring really gets into full gear. The time to plant new flowers and enjoy the ones that are blooming now. I’m looking forward to the time to transplant my tomato plants. I countdown each day until Memorail Day. I love the 3 day weekend and the unoffical start of summer. I’m looking forward to a few of the weird ‘holidays’ that occur this month. Next week’s Cino De Mayo will be fun since it  is a ‘good’ reason to drink margaritas. ha!

May 1- May Day

Fresh Truffles from Earthy Delights

Black Chinese Truffles from

May 2- National Truffles Day (the mushroom, not the chocolate)

May 3- National Raspberry Popover Day

May 4- International Firefighter’s Day

May 5- Cinco de Mayo Day

May 6- Nurse’s Day

May 7- National Tourism Day

May 8- No socks Day

May 9- National Butterscotch Brownie Day

May 10- Human Kindness Day

May 11- Twilight Zone Day and Eat What You Want Day

May 12- Kite Day

May 13- National Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 14- National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

May 15- Straw Hat Day

May 16- Wear Purple for Peace Day

May 17- National Pizza Party Day\

May 18- Rooster Day

May 19- National Devil’s Food Cake Day

May 20- Flower Day

May 21- Armed Forces Day

May 22- National Maritime Day

May 23- National Taffy Day

May 24- Brother’s Day

May 25- Women’s Day

May 26- National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

May 27- Sun Screen Day

Eagles Deli in Boston seraves monster burgers that are 5lb, naming it the “2nd greatest place  to pig out” by the Travel Channel

May 28- National Hamburger Day

May 29- International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers


May 30- Hug Your Cat Day

May 31-National Macaroon Day


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