Sketchbook 2: Day 4

Here is an example of why you should stop scrapbooking when you are tired.

I should have stopped when I started to loose focus. I was watching Extract (really funny movie) and wanted to finish the LO last night instead of wrapping it up in the morning. I only had the title left to do at 11.30, so I figured it was mangable and I would just finish it. I should have stopped then! I cut out the title using the cricut. I laid it on the page and it felt flat. I should have recut it with a darker paper (maybe a light grey?) but no I decided to make it ‘pop’ with some spray. Once I glued it down I hated it. So I just messed around with it more by accenting some of the title text with a black pen. At least that helped some of the 10’s stand out. I’ll probably go back and cover it to put a new title on there.

Lesson learned.


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