December Daily 2012: Days 11 thru 25


Here I am with an update for my December Daily album!! I shared the first 10 pages so here is the rest of the book. I had originally thought I would do my Dec Daily for the whole month but as I was assembling my book I realized I didn’t make it big enough so I decided to just end it on Christmas. I’m just flexible like that! ha!

I’m really happy with the fact that I completed the mini album. Plus I just love how it looks. I purchased a kit from Kelly Purkey which I used, plus some other alphas and embellishments that I pulled from my stash. I loved the kit, esp the stamp set. I have so many stamps from my SU! days but I rarely stamp now so this was a good jump start to dust off my ink pads.


-Day 11-


-Day 12-

decdaily2012_day13a decdaily2012_day13b

-Day 13-


-Day 14-


-Day 15-

decdaily2012_day16 decdaily2012_day17

-Days 16 & 17-


-Day 18-


-Day 19-

decdaily2012_day20 decdaily2012_day21

-Days 20 & 21-


-Day 22-


-Day 23-


-Day 24-


-Day 25-

I really enjoyed creating this mini Dec Daily album so I think I’ll give it another try next year. But maybe I’ll figure out the right size so I can do the whole month. 😛


December Daily 2012- days 1 thru 10


Here we go again!

Well, last year I had the best intentions for sticking with my December Daily but stopped when I dropped  my Instax Camera in NYC a third of the way through the month. I could have kept going but I wanted to use just the Instax pics for the album and I was super bummed. I liked the look and I liked that it was instant so there is no excuse not to keep up since I didn’t have to worry about printing. Well, then I went and broke the camera and hit a road block. I might go back and just print out pics for the rest of the month incluing the srory about breaking my camera- hense the switch in picture styles, which will forever drive me crazy.

So I got another Instax and have let to break it so the month is going along smoothly. Well, I did drop it at our Christmas Party this past thursday and it’s still kicking so here’s hoping it lasts for the rest of the month and beyond. (But really, what the hell is wrong with me cropping cameras?!) I really love the quirky camera and the pictures from it so I love having the album of just these pictures.

  DecDaily2012_day 1a DecDaily2012_day 1b

-Day 1-

DecDaily2012_day 2

-Day 2-

I am trying to keep things pretty simple with my December Daily by keeping the embellishments minimal. I purchased the DecDaily kit that Kelly Purkey created so I am using all of the papers in the kit, plus a few other solids since I want to continue on past xmas for the whole month. Her kit inlcuded a stamp set, some buttons (2012 on the cover), gold doilies and some alpha stickers. To that I am using lots of washi and some of other embellishments I keep around for winter themed scrapbooking.

 DecDaily2012_day 3a DecDaily2012_day 3b

– Day 3-

DecDaily2012_day 4a DecDaily2012_day 4b

-Day 4-

DecDaily2012_day 5

– Day 5-

This page is boring to me, maybe I’ll add to it or maybe I’ll forget about it. ha

DecDaily2012_day 6

– Day 6-

DecDaily2012_day 7

– Day 7-

DecDaily2012_day 8

-Day 8-

I really am jealous of the people that have really beautiful December Daily albums that are loaded with photos, notes, embellishments, and all that jazz but I have to just enjoy that mine is all mine and I am doing things my way, at my pace. If I were to try to tackle more I wouldn’t be done with page 1 so I am savorying that I am 1 third of the way through and I am still enthuastic about it.

DecDaily2012_day 9

-Day 9-

DecDaily2012_day 10

-Day 10-

I can’t wait to keep going through the rest of the month. I am really enjoying my December Daily photos and the album. So much fun!

Oh So Stylish: Day 7- KP’s Sketchbook 4

I am college tired today. Not college finals tired but still pretty god damn tired. Why so tired? The fashion show work. Blah Blah Blah. Just 2 more nights of work and then it’s time to par-tay. I can’t wait for the show and party on Thursday night. Plus I can’t wait for Friday. Last year I was pretty hungover and tired since I got home around 3am so I learned my lesson and took Friday off. I can’t wait to lounge around, clean up, and scrapbook!!!

This was a layout I created based upon the Day 7 sketch from Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook Class 4 from Studio Calico. There was a large element on the sketch that was a circle. Dang circles and scrapbooking, they always just create a (fun) challenge. I didn’t have photos that worked well to be trimmed to be a circle. Instead my circular element was a die-cut piece of patterned paper. I figured it would work well, plus it didn’t hurt that it had glitter on it! I then decided on using some pictures that I took of my niece this spring. I brought her a big yellow flower headband and took photos of her wearing it and trying to smell it. ahhh!! From there I dove into my stash and grabbed some stickers, washi, die-cuts, and brads and then whipped it all together.

I just need to wrap up my layouts for Days 10, 11, 12. As much as this was a class hosted this spring I have enjoyed taking on the sketches and creating layouts from it on my time. Almost done. 🙂

Ms. HH: Day 6- KP’s Sketchbook 4

{Day 6}

So I have this habit of getting too busy with too many things to do… traveling, blogging, participating in creating costumes in next week’s  IIDA fashion show, starting to volunteer as a mentor for HS students, doing laundry and dishes, etc. What falls to the side? My crafty adventures that I love. Since there are only so many hours in the day, and while my crafts are a priority, I typically end up cutting that out. It blows. I wish it could just figure out how to juggle it all.

Well, this all has been bothering me so I got up early this morning and finished a scrapbooking layout that has been sitting in a pile of partially finished layouts for months. That pile was a very sad sight every time I go in to feed and play with the rabbits.

Pretty simple layout with a patterned background page and some layered embellishments. Once I saw the sketch I knew I wanted to use pockets that I had  from some Studio Calico kits to hold journaling cards. From there I dug through more of my past kit elements and used an envelope instead of using a piece of cardstock or paper to layer upon. I added some brads, gems, washi, stickers, and alph’s. ta-da!

Just a few more sketches left to finish up the Kelly Purkey’s Sketch Book 4 class that I took this spring… spring. ugh! I am determined to do them all, eventually! Once the fashion show is over next week (wish us luck!), I’m hoping to carve out some time to be crafty more regularly. Gotta get back to scrapbooking layouts and Project Life. Stay tuned!

Big Ballin’ LO: Day 5- KP’s Sketchbook 4

{Day 5}

Well, finally! I’m finally posting scrapbooking posts again and more diligently working scrapbooking- specifially project life. I got up this morning about 45 min earlier than I had to be able to give the buns to extra love and attention as well as work on PL. It was nice to carve out a bit of me time to scrapbook. I often don’t get to do that at night as I get busy making dinner, laundry, and vegging out with a glass of wine. Totally ADD attack at night.

So here is my take on Day 5 from Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook 4 class that I took eariler this year. I seriously loved the intial sketch since here are so many ways it can used as a spring board for layouts. I did keep it pretty basic and allowed the pretty papers to do all the work for me. Plus, a few brads for embellishments for good measure! 🙂