Meet Cara

Price and I went down to CT this weekend so we could pay my brother and his girlfriend a visit since they had a very important person to introduce us to.

Cara Alexandra born 10/31/10 at 9:59. 8 lbs 5oz

Cara has just gotten up from a nap when we arrived so she was in a really good mood when we were over there. She was content laying down, getting her diaper changed, and being held.

She is very expressive. From puckering her lips, raising her eyebrows, looking around, squinting, and giving little smirks. Cara is absolutely adorable with the load of hair she has. The mohawk suits her well.

I can’t wait to really get to know her. To see her grow up. I wonder if the expressive nature she has now will carry over and she will be that way when she is older. I hope so. She is an absolute joy.


2 thoughts on “Meet Cara

  1. Aunt Tish says:

    I am so glad I checked this AM. What a wonderful site to see! Cara is absolutely beautiful – and you are right – her expressions are priceless. Thanks for taking the pictures and posting them!

    Love, Aunt Tish


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