Montreal Day 3 {Our Anniversary}

Sunday 1.2.11

Day 3 of our Montreal vacation marked our 6th year anniversary.

While we were enjoying the Polar Spheres on New Years Eve, I saw a restaurant called Eggspectations. I thought it would be a great place for us to brunch on our anniversary since it would be nicer than standing in the street eating bagels, see Day 2 post. Plus I can’t resist a place that has several kinds of eggs benedict.

We then hit up the Underground City, La Ville Souterraine, to check it out and work off breakfast. It was less excitng than we thought it was going to be, since it was just a mall and tunnels.

However, we got lost, a lot. Obviously, we understand how to read plans, but the maps we had were simple and when your in the space it is not intuitive because you can’t just cross the space to get into another tunnel, but you had to go up or down a level to do so. Either way we walked miles. I played around with google’s pedometer and figured out were were up in the 12+ mile range for the day.

After miles of tunnels we emerged to check out Old Montreal for the last time. We got to see Borsecour Market, which contained a few restaurants and several gallery like stores. We loved Montreal Poutine so much that we went back for our last poutine and real meal in Montreal.

After walking so many miles, we decided that taking a cab back to the hotel was necessary. Such a great decision. We were both so tired that we just relaxed and watched the news in French. I still have no idea what we were watching but it didn’t it matter. We started to get hungry for dinner around 8 so I called down for some room service but the ktichen was closed… why?… “because of the holiday”. What holiday!?! New Years was the day before! The front desk said we could come down to look at some delivery menus, but I didn’t even have the energy for that so we had a bag of all dressed potato chips for dinner instead.

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