Sing me a song

I heart Ian Axel. Price knows. It’s okay.

We first saw Ian perform back in January. It was a great show then and a great show now. The Red Room at Cake 939 is a great venue to see a show since it has a low stage, and the majority of the space is SRO. Because of that Price and I get to stand really close to enjoy the performances.

We missed the first act since we were too busy drinking rum out of a bottle at home while catching up about each others days. Yeah true story. We did get to see Alicia Lemke perform. I thought she was completely stunning. She performed a brand new song called ‘Maiden Lane’ that is a lullaby about a first responder on 9-11. Amazing. She created it to accompany a cook about 9-11.


Prior to Ian’s set, we chatted with Chad Vaccarino for a bit. We talked about how we were at the show in January and how he no longer drives, it freaks him out. I think that is hilarious and awesome.

Ian played solo for a bit, then Chad played with him, and then Ian was solo, etc. They are a great team together when they play. Ian is amazing on the piano. Price kinda wishes he had kept up with the trumpet whenever Chad plays. This time Ian played a ukulele. There was new music, more sing a long. Overall another fantastic time.


They will be back in Aug/Sept and I’ll be sure to get tickets to that show as well.


You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Girl, I Got a Thing


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