Happiness Now- Studio Calico 1.6.13 Sunday Sketch

Another year you made a promise
another chance to turn it all around
and do not save this for tomorrow
embrace the past and you can live for now
and I will give the world to you

For the past few years whenever I think of new years or a big change this Ian Axel song pops into my head. I’ve seen him perform several times and he is the kind of performer that gives me chills. Might have cried during gone. okay, every time.

Anyway, it’s a new year. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over where possible. I did just that this weekend. I reorganized my scrapbooking workstation. I liked it before since everything was at arms reach and I was facing out the room (I don’t like to be startled- I will pee my pants). But it really was taking up way too much room with that configuration so I reworked it and cleaned up my supplies. I’m about 95% done so I’m happy with what I accomplished and how it looks. I even hung up a few pictures. so now I’m feeling inspired and i am going to kick some crafty butt.

Starting things off I did a layout for my take on Studio Calico’s first Sunday Sketch of the new year. I really tried to stick with the Sunday Sketches last year but when we moved things really fell flat on their face. I’m hoping I get further along in the year. Wish me luck.


1.6.13 sunday sketch

happiness now_lo

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Sing me a song

I heart Ian Axel. Price knows. It’s okay.

We first saw Ian perform back in January. It was a great show then and a great show now. The Red Room at Cake 939 is a great venue to see a show since it has a low stage, and the majority of the space is SRO. Because of that Price and I get to stand really close to enjoy the performances.

We missed the first act since we were too busy drinking rum out of a bottle at home while catching up about each others days. Yeah true story. We did get to see Alicia Lemke perform. I thought she was completely stunning. She performed a brand new song called ‘Maiden Lane’ that is a lullaby about a first responder on 9-11. Amazing. She created it to accompany a cook about 9-11.


Prior to Ian’s set, we chatted with Chad Vaccarino for a bit. We talked about how we were at the show in January and how he no longer drives, it freaks him out. I think that is hilarious and awesome.

Ian played solo for a bit, then Chad played with him, and then Ian was solo, etc. They are a great team together when they play. Ian is amazing on the piano. Price kinda wishes he had kept up with the trumpet whenever Chad plays. This time Ian played a ukulele. There was new music, more sing a long. Overall another fantastic time.


They will be back in Aug/Sept and I’ll be sure to get tickets to that show as well.


You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Girl, I Got a Thing

Ian Axel

On Thursday night Price and I went to the Red Room at Cafe 939 to see a show. We saw Ian Axel, Field Mouse, and Allison Weiss. I bought the tickets to see Ian Axel, who I have been hooked on since first seeing a song of his posted on Kelly Purkey’s blog.

The show was incredible. The venue is small, and while packed with people you still feel like it is an intimate experience.. You can stand or sit on the sofas that line the wall or sit on the floor. Only draw back really is that there is no booze there since it’s associated with Berklee College of Music, but really an amazing performance is better than a beer.

Ian’s set was amazing. He was intense and witty at the piano. While I love “This is the New Year” the song that really grabbed my attention was “Gone”. Clearly, I had heard this song before but I felt so much more watching him perform it live. I am not one to cry on a whim (except that Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercial gets me every time!) but I really had to hold back some tears while I was standing there. Luckily, I managed to hold it together. I also really enjoyed the rest of his set, which included “Girl, I got a Thing”, “Leave Me Alone”,  “Afterglow”. I can’t forget to mention that Chad Vaccarino also performed with Ian, he sang and played the trumpet. That is one dynamic duo.

After Ian was done with his set Field Mouse performed and then Allison Weiss. While I enjoyed the Field Mouse set, I felt that the singer lacked punch to get heard over the drums. Keep in mind that I am no music aficionado but I would like to hear what the lyrics over the music. That being said, I listened to them later on myspace and loved them. Ending the evening, Allison Weiss’ performance was fantastic. I loved how she joked around between songs, gave the meaning and inspiration for songs, and overall commanded the stage.

It was a great night, even though I fell walking back to the T, because I got to see a fantastic performance from a musician I have been hooked to for awhile. Plus I saw another that I instantly loved, resulting in an iTunes purchase, which is a pretty big deal for me.

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