Ian Axel LO

Hello stickers. Not until this page was done when I realized how many sticker elements I used. Alpha stickers, labels, and 3 long ‘banner’ embellishments. The mix of types of stickers doesn’t make it seem like ‘sticker overload!’ The tickets are even craft paper like so it gives off an appearance that it is a paper embellishment I taped down.

I admit that it has taken me some time to let loose and not go THEME THEME THEME on my pages. When I first started scrapbooking my page would have been musically inclined being that it is about a concert, but I have realized (?) that it not ciritcal to be literal. Ian was wearing a blue shirt and Chad was wearing jeans so I wanted to pick up on the blue in the photos so I picked a paper to use, then I picked accents that went with that tone. For example, the yellow and cream on the paper was picked up in the yellow arrow tag, blue and yellow shaped sticker.




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