The post in which I show photos of Price owling… AKA the day I embarrass Price (more than normal)

First there was planking, then owling, now even bating. I have even heard of people posting horseman style photos on the interwebs. So I guess we are behind the game. Just glad that we didn’t lay on some dirty floor/bench/fence in the name of planking.

We first heard about owling from my brother and his fiancée a few weeks ago when they showed us pictures of Laura doing it on the boat. We cracked up at them, esp at the one of her jumping into the water while holding that position. Pretty impressive work on both Laura & TJ’s part for doing the jump and getting the photo.

Prior to going to Maine we talked about doing an owling or bating photo. Owling obviously is a tad but easier so that was that is what we ended with. And how Price and I ended cracking ourselves up on the last night there.

Yeah, yeah yeah, your feet tech need to be flat. Whatever, we were just cracking up so much to really care.

Happy Tuesday!


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