How to: Photo Collage

Since moving in June, Price and I have been putting effort into our apartment to make it ‘ours’. Not just our apartment, but ‘our’ apartment. You see, the apartment that we just moved from was a weird layout so it limited furniture placement, had a giant old (ugly) sofa in it that had to stay (my best friend Emily named it The ‘Cos), and was painted obscenely bright colors that could not change (until it flooded and we were able to talk sense into the landlords). And most importantly, I lived there prior to Price moving in with basically no furniture so it didn’t appear that Price actually lived there.

One of the things that we wanted to show off were our fun times that we have captured in photos. A way to feature these photos is with photo collages. I love that they capture a variety of photos in a fun gathering of frames. I attempted to have them in our old place but our cray cray landlord thought it was a brilliant idea to have dark purple walls (in a basement), so I had to settle on collage frames since I could not have a ton of holes in the walls. I got so disinterested in them that I just gave up and left a few spots empty. See below:

So with the opportunity to have fun with this place we set out having a wall feature an assembly of photo frames. Price and I scoured the web for inspiration. I used Pinterest a lot- esp my “New Apartment” board- for gathering different decorating ideas, including the collages.

Price and I agree on nearly nothing when it comes to pretty much anything decorating, so it it was not shocking that I finally got the photo collage up today… 3 months after moving in. We bounced around questions relating to…  black frames? white frames? what colors are the mats? sizes? frames styles?

We finally settled on black and white frames. We decided not to limit ourselves with a particular frame style or brand. The black frames would have a white mat, while white frames would have a mix of white and map mats. Sizes would range from a 4×6 to 8×10.

How to put up a photo collage:

1) Layout your photos on a piece of craft paper (even the back of wrapping paper could work).

2) Outline all frames with a marker.

3) Put you craft paper layout on wall with painter’s tape. Locate where you want your collage to be located. If you anticipate your collage growing, like we do, locate it where you will have enough room to allow outward expansion.

Frames from Target, Michael’s and Ikea. The Ikea frames used are: SÖNDRUM, NYTTJA, and RIBBA.


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2 thoughts on “How to: Photo Collage

  1. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel says:

    Love how that came out. I have all black frams but would love more of a mixed look on our photo wall. They’re very organized too. Someday I want to take them down and redo but my ocd would probably kick in again and make me keep it neat lol


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