FOOD!- Charlotte Vacation {4}

Price and I recently went on vacation in Charlotte, North Carolina. We had a fantastic time visiting the Queen City. I will do a series of blog posts recapping some of the fun things we did while down there. I hope you enjoy!



Thursday Night- Boston to Greenwich: Sonic

Friday- Greenwich to Charlotte: First we stopped by my favorite deli in the world for Bacon Egg and Chese Sandwiches to start our trip. For lunch, we stopped somewhere in VA for Arby’s. First time having Arby’s, might be my last. not high up on my list of doable fast food places. good fries though.


Friday night in Charlotte: ChowDown Uptown. (previously blogged about)


Friday night- Mac’s Speed Shop for BBQ! This place was suggested to us from one of the guys in the Gensler Charlotte Office. Great suggestion since the food was amazing. We loved the fried pickles and the platter we shared. I could not get enough sweet tea.



Saturday morning- There were signs on the highway indicating that the Charlotte Farmers’ Market was close by. I can’t resist a farmer’s market so we stopped by there before starting out fun filled day. I was in awe of everything I saw from the fresh produce to the vibrant flowers. We ended up getting a sweet potato pie form a very lovely vendor.


Saturday lunch/dinner- We went to Price’s Chicken Coop after we went to the Charlotte Motor Speedway (blogged about here). It was the first time I had hush puppies. They were very different than the ones we had on Friday, but just as good.


Sunday breakfast & lunch- We hopped into Starbucks on our way north out of the city to look around at different areas in and around Charlotte.  Then we came back into Charlotte and had lunch at Nix Burgers. I loved my bloody mary from there and had an a-mazing pimento burger

Sunday night- We shared left overs from Price’s Chicken Coop and a salad from California Pizza Kitchen.


Monday drive from Charlotte to Philly- I put mint and frozen strawberries in my unsweetened ice tea 🙂


Sunday- We stayed with our friend Dawn. Price wanted a cheese steak so we went to Genos. Dawn and I shared some sushi take out from Fat Salmon. The rolls were so big and the combinations were so unique.  Like the BCT had INSIDE – Bacon, Cream Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber and ON TOP – Avocado w/Spicy sauce


Tuesday morning: Our friend suggested Green Eggs Cafe (Northern Liberties) for breakfast. I wanted the Philly Style Eggs Benedict but we were so early that their order of pretzel rolls had not arrived yet. We ended up with red velvet pancakes and stuffed french toast. We only had half so we had the rest for dinner after our long drive back form Philly to Boston.


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4 thoughts on “FOOD!- Charlotte Vacation {4}

  1. Renee {Eat.LiveBlog} says:

    Man, I am dying for a weekend of southern food. Why can’t anyone in New England do BBQ right? One question, how did you not have a Philly?


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