Project Life 2012: week 7

I felt a bit rushed putting this week together since I’m falling a bit behind. I am making it high priority to get week 8 and 9 done this week… umm yeah, I’ll fit that in while looking at a house, concert, rep dinner, cookbook release party, dinner out… I really have something planned for every night this week. It makes for fun PL documentation but it can make me fall behind. Oh the juggling act!!

Week 7: 

Full Spread

Left Side


I like the butterfly embellishment because I first took a piece of patterned cardstock, stamped over it, add dimensionals to the butterfly, put the brad in the middle and then put it on the stamped paper.

Right Side:


The letter circles on the central journaling box are cute hole reinforcements for binders that I picked up at the Container Store. They came in a ‘carnival theme‘. Well as cute as they are I am do down right pissed about them. I peeled them off their backing and put them on my edge of my desk to grab easily once I had the cardstock trimmed. I do this for my Thickers as well to plan but thickers are nice sweet alphas that don’t rip the laminate off my perfectly fine Ikea desk like this little SOB’s did. So take my advice and don’t stick them on anything but paper!


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