The best wine you will ever have…

is any wine you drink while watching Cougar Town!!!

I’m serious. Pull out a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck or whatever you have on hand and pour yourself a BIG glass of wine to enjoy while you watch.

Price and I are HUGE fans of the show. We started watching it because of my obsession with all things Friends related, including the fabulous Courtney Cox. It has been such a blast to watch it from the beginning to get invested in the characters and everything else involved.* We love all the characters (except we HATED Kristen… she was annoying and she killed Big Joe!!), story lines, jokes, and the amount of wine consumed.

The break between season 2 and 3 was excruciating! The 3rd season of CT was push from premiering in Nov 2011 to Feb 2012 all for that shit show call Man Up! to waste everyone’s time (it was canceled after 8 episodes). February finally rolled around, and to celebrate the 3rd seasoning premier and Valentine’s Day I bought us the most amazing wine classes to have our own ‘Big Joe’ glasses.*8 I named mine Lovely Lola. 🙂

Well during a work party we discovered my boss also watches Cougar Town so I ordered her glass. Well, that prompted this series of photos that I took during a recent Friday afternoon ‘buzz’ in the office since she didn’t really believe it can hold a bottle of wine. Well it does!!!!



Ta-da!! A whole bottle is in there!!

For reference, this is what a whole bottle of wine looks like in a pitcher.

Also, to compare its size, we poured a ‘typical’ glass of wine in a normal glass, then we poured that into the big glass…

*Truthfully, the show took some time to develop and find itself – hence why the show title doesn’t make sense now- but then found its groove and things got out of control from there. So if you didn’t love it when it first started you should give it a try again!! You can catch up on episodes on Hulu.

**The glasses we purchased are not the exact ‘Big Joe’ glass on CT. The Riedel Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru is the exact glass but sells for $105. We picked the more affordable DCI XL Wine Glass  for $10ish. I highly suggest that you order your own massive glasses and enjoy Cougar Town!!!!!

Cougar Town is on ABC and airs at 8.30pm. Steal the remote from your kids… Glee is crap now anyway.


3 thoughts on “The best wine you will ever have…

  1. amanda (@fakeginger) says:

    Omg, I need one. Except I don’t drink wine so I don’t know what I’d put in it.

    I watched the first season of Cougar Town and thought it was funny but couldn’t get into the 2nd season. I think I need to give it another chance.


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