7.26-29: Weekend Recap @ BSP3

leave work early | my dad arrives to stay over | show my dad around the house | Price comes home (softball was canceled) | go to Santarpio’s for pizza dinner | stop at grocery store | make macaroni salad | bad before 12.30am | up to finish packing for BSP3 | say bye to Dad | drop Price off at work | leave for PA @ 8.45 | drive and drive and drive | arrive at hotel | grocery store, liquor store & CVS run | Rita’s ice | Kita arrives | start of BSP3 | won a Kitchenaid stand mixer at Friday night gathering | watch Olympics at hotel | bed | up early to get hair supplies for Heidi braids | BSP3 all day | discover left car windows open & everything is wet from the storms | Olympics & then bed | waffle breakfast to end BSP3 | leave PA | Shake Shack lunch | back home!!! | relax with Olympics






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