3.27-29: Weekend Recap


work from home | dinner prep | get Autumn from daycare | Autumn has dinner (barely eats!) | Price comes home | Autumn has a bath & goes to bed | dinner- jerk seasoned chicken breast, roasted broccoli, freekah | clean kitchen & laundry | ice cream | Grimm | blogging & photo edits | bed at 10.10pm

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150330_weekend recap_02


up early @ 5.35 | hang out & watch cartoons | Autumn has breakfast | make breakfast- potato has, eggs, homemade bacon | Autumn has morning nap @ 8.00 | fold clothes & do laundry | Autumn up @ 9.15 | go to Aquarium | Market Basket | home | Taco Bell | Autumn paints plaster Easter eggs | Price gives Autumn a bath | everyone naps but me! | blog drafts | dinner prep | Autumn is up from her nap | dinner- roasted sweet potato hash and asparagus, steak | Autumn to bed | make cookies | DVR catch up- The Kitchen, Pioneer Woman | Fast and Furious 6 | blog stuffs | bed at 11.30

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150330_weekend recap_05 150330_weekend recap_06

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150330_weekend recap_09

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150330_weekend recap_12 150330_weekend recap_13


up at 6.30 | make waffles | Autumn naps | packing up cookbooks and kitchen stuff | go Whole30 grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s with Kellie and Kaylie | Price vacuums | pick up Autumn | shopping at Costco | Autumn has lunch | Autumn naps | make waffles, dinner prep | Autumn wakes up | take Kemper for a walk | walk with Autumn | dinner | Autumn has a bath | Price gives Kemper a bath | takes a long time to get Autumn to bed | work | cookies | bed

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3.13-15: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home | Autumn has dinner & bath| Price gets home | Autumn to bed | Date night! @ Floramo’s | Trader Joe’s | home | bed

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150316_Weekend Recap_03

150316_Weekend Recap_04 150316_Weekend Recap_05


up at 6.15 | breakfast | kitchen clean up | Autumn naps | get ready | Kris arrives | dress shopping with Kris at David’s Bridal | lunch at Border Cafe | home | Autumn to bed | Kris goes back to CT | leftovers for dinner | OITNB | blogging | bed

150316_Weekend Recap_06 150316_Weekend Recap_07

150316_Weekend Recap_08 150316_Weekend Recap_09


up at 6.30 | take Kemper to Peter’s Park (dog park) | Jaho for Coffe and Tea | Flour Bakery for breakfast sandwiches | Price goes to Pet Smart & CVS | Autumn won’t nap | make Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake with Autumn | Autumn has lunch | Price goes back to Pet Smart & CVS for returns/ exchanges | Autumn naps | Best Buy for a new laptop | Stop & Shop | Fancy Nails for new shellac | Autumn has dinner & bath | Price puts Autumn down while I make our catfish Blue Apron Dinner | blogging | work | bed

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150316_Weekend Recap_12

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150316_Weekend Recap_15 150316_Weekend Recap_16

150316_Weekend Recap_17

150316_Weekend Recap_18

3.6-8: Weekend Recap


stay home sick with Strep Throat (again!!) | Get Autumn from daycare | Autumn has  dinner | Price gets home | Autumn’s bath | dinner |fall asleep on the sofa | bed

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150310_weekend recap_02

150310_weekend recap_03

150310_weekend recap_04


up early | pack up for the day | leave at 8.00 | starbucks & Katz’s bagels | drive to Great Barrington for wedding errands: visit hotel, bakery #1,  meet with justice of the peace, hotel #2, bakery #2, lunch | home | Autumn’s dinner | Autumn to bed | dinner | random blog stuff | up later than planned | bed

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150310_weekend recap_06 150310_weekend recap_07

150310_weekend recap_08


up early- stupid day light savings time! | breakfast for Autumn | Autumn takes her morning nap | get ready | brunch at Ceia in Newburyport with Carrie and Liz | Price & Autumn went to Michael’s and Target | antiques shopping | Trader Joe’s | home | dinner | blogging | bed at 8.30

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150310_weekend recap_10 150310_weekend recap_11

150310_weekend recap_12

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2.27-3.1: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home | Autumn has dinner | Autumn to bed | Price gets home | Price gets stroller | make dinner | Price gets home | dinner | OITNB | blogging | bed


up early | Autumn has breakfast | make Breakfast- hash, sausage, eggs | Autumn has morning nap | go to the Post office | COSTCO | Michael’s | Price cleans | coloring with Autumn | start roast chicken | Autumn has dinner, a bath and then goes to bed | dinner- roast chicken, roasted veggies, green beans | blog work | OITNB | bed late


up at 6am | Autumn has bottle | go to Market Basket | Autumn has breakfast | Price prints wedding invite labels | Autumn naps | sweet potato waffles | Price gets home | foldng clothes | NASCAR | Autumn naps | make Price chicken wings | play with Autumn- do puzzles | dinner- steak and salad | Autumn gets bath | Price does dishes | Autumn gets her bottle and goes to bed | label wedding invites | budget review | blog edits | bed


10:10-13- Columbus Day Weekend Recap


home | pump | get Autumn from daycare | Price gets home | taco salad for dinner | Autumn bath & goes to bed | cleaning |  lounge and watch TV | bed early-ish @ 10.30

141014_weekend recap_01

141014_weekend recap_02

141014_weekend recap_03 141014_weekend recap_04


up @ 5.30 | go to Katz’s for bagels | Price makes bagel sandwiches | morning relax and hang out | Autumn sleeps in the K’tan so we all do an hr nap | go shopping at Kohl’s | Friendly’s for lunch | CVS | Autumn nap in the K’tan = we nap again | clean up | taco leftovers for dinner | Autumn gets a bath | watch NASCAR | bed @ 11.20

141014_weekend recap_05 141014_weekend recap_06

141014_weekend recap_07 141014_weekend recap_08

141014_weekend recap_09

141014_weekend recap_10 141014_weekend recap_11

141014_weekend recap_12

141014_weekend recap_13 141014_weekend recap_14

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141014_weekend recap_16 141014_weekend recap_17


sleep in until 7.35!! (because Autumn was up in the middle of the night & the she slept w us!)|  watch NACAR race recaps | morning clean up | Autumn naps on Price | New England Dessert Showcase | fashion show work at the office | Price takes Autumn to the Dr = cold with a minor ear infection | get home | talk to mom |  long, long walk with Autumn | grocery store trip | get beer | chicken fajitas over a sweet potato for dinner | DVR catch up | lots of REVIT project work on the computer | bed late

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141014_weekend recap_19 141014_weekend recap_20

141014_weekend recap_21 141014_weekend recap_22

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141014_weekend recap_27 141014_weekend recap_28

141014_weekend recap_29

{Monday- Columbus Day}

get up early | computer work at home | make breakfast | Price went to work | Autumn took a long nap | work & conf call while she naps | quick show and change clothes | go into Boston to have lunch with Price | meet Price’s coworkers |  lunch at Joe’s | back home | go on a walk | left over fajitas for dinner | Autumn bath and bed | clean up scrapbooking stuff in basement | shower | DWTS | go to bed

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141014_weekend recap_31 141014_weekend recap_32

141014_weekend recap_33

141014_weekend recap_34 141014_weekend recap_35

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