3 weeks of Kemper

130223_Kemper Sitting


As of today we’ve had our Boston Terrier puppy Kemper for 3 weeks. We just love our little man. Our little gentlemen.

130202_Kemper Sleeping

130202_Kemper Coat 130202_Kemper Nap

napping our on first day as a family

It’s crazy to think it has only been 3 weeks as it seems like he has been with us forever. He has just blended into the routine. Well, I guess we are all just merging into 1 routine together.

130206_Kemper 01

2.6.13= 8 weeks, 3 days

On 2/8 he weighed 4.8 lbs and he has grown so much since that I can’t wait to get him weighed at his next vet visit on the 7th.

130206_Kemper at Feet 130206_Kemper Sitting

130206_Kemper on Em  130206_Kemper Sleeping on Me

sleeping on Em and sleeping on me

130206_Kemper Sleeping

At first he was afraid of the hardwood floors and would sit on the living rug and whimper at the edge. Now he is a pro running around but he had to survive that scary first trip across the floor to the kitchen rug.

130208_Kemper Snow 130209_kemper in the snow

Blizzard Nemo

So far it has snowed 2x since we got him and he does not like it when it is snowing. Once the snow has hardened he is okay with it but getting him to go out in the snow… fat chance. It is going to snow tonight so I am hoping he will learn it is not scary and we will have less accidents when he pees right next to the pads… shm.


Emily gave Kemper this amazing blanket that she knit. We wrap him up like a burrito in it and he loves it. He loves to be wrapped up and tucked in when sleeping. The first night we had him he whimpered a bit in his pen in our room but I wrapped him up and he fell asleep quickly. He was from a large litter so we think he likes to feel weight/pressure on him since they would all pig pile up when sleeping.

130210_Kemper Kiss


130212_Kemper Paw 130212_Kemper Sitting

Soft puppy paws and being a cute bobble-head

130212_Kemper Sleeping

He has silent but deadly farts. And he generally does them on when he is sitting or sleeping on your lap. Lovely.

One night he got a hair/dust ball  and thew up on the rug. Of course right on the white part of the rug. Twice. After that he felt 100% and ran around like crazy trying to attack the paper towels I was using to clean the rug.

130214_Kemper Valentine

What a cute Valentine!!

130215_Kemper At Work 130215_Kemper in my Coat

On the 15th I snuck Kemper into my office building by putting him in my coat. He did really well with everyone. I love the picture of him sitting between my coworker Jake’s feet. Everyone put full on baby voice when they saw him- so hilarious. I had to keep an eye on him since a few of them were joking around that they were going to steal him. 🙂 When Price came in from his office Kemper recognized him and was so excited to see him. Aww!!

When we all left my office we walked to the bus and he got over his lease issues. Prior to that he would not move more than few feet when on leash. I was excited to see him doing well and how people were reacting him him. People were oohing and awning as they watch him walking and running in that little lumberjack coat.

130219_Kemper Cuddles

oh, he just loves the cuddles

130221_Kemper at Stairs

Price took this photo of him on the morning of the 21st. I can’t get over how little he looks, and yet how much he has grown. He can make it up the stairs all by himself, but, thankfully, has not yet learned how to make it down. We have moved the baby gate we used for the rabbits

130222_Kemper at Price's office_01 130222_Kemper at Price's office_02

Price took Kemper into work yesterday and was a huge hit with everyone there as well.. He went all around and was super friendly with everyone. Kemps even sat on one of his coworker’s desk and would watch Price from there.

130222_Kemper Sleeping

10 weeks, 5 days old

At this point Kemper is starting to understand the work “Sit”. I say it all the time and give him a teeny tiny piece of an all natural biscuit when he plops his butt right now. He doesn’t listen to it as often when Price says it, but he has been good about altering him that he needs to go out but walking over to the door and sitting down there. Seriously, genius.

130223_Kemper Playing 130223_Kemper Running

Playing around this morning

Can’t wait to for him to keep going and learning more and more.


3 thoughts on “3 weeks of Kemper

  1. William Kelly says:

    Kemper is a keeper. So many things to learn. When my little guy was that age and that small it was all about playing. Mine still likes to have blankets when he goes to bed, sleeps tight up against me. When he has throw-up issues it always comes in twos. It won’t be long and he will master those stairs too, both ways up and down.
    Thank you so much for sharing, brings so many memories.


  2. Linda/Mom says:

    Kemper is soooooooo cute. I would get absolutely nothing done but just snuggle with him.
    I tell his cousins that they will meet him the weekend of March16th. Cobi is excited to meet him —-Piper told me that she is ok with mtg him but being that she’s 15 he needs to understand she likes her naps.
    Looking forward to meeting Kemper and seeing u and Price………I miss u guys


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