Our little beach bum

Revere Beach Sunrise

this morning we all got up really early since well we just do. some guy (price) woke up at 3.30 this morning… cool. well, we got up, got ready, and got coffee to head over to revere beach right for sunrise, which was at 6.16 this morning. really, do we ever sleep in… no.

Kemper at the Beach_01

this was kemper’s first trip to the beach!

Kemper at the Beach_02

he liked to explore and check out the different shells. he would often dig them up and carry them around.

Kemper at the Beach_03

except this guy. i think there was still a snail inside. yuck

Kemper at the Beach_04

seriously, this tongue is killing me.

Kemper at the Beach_05

the beach allows dogs until may 1st so i’m sure we will be making a lot of trips there so we can all enjoy the beach. and then he will pass out now, just like he is now πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Our little beach bum

  1. William Kelly says:

    Seriously! 3:30. most folk are hardly getting into bed at that hour on a Friday night (Saturday morning) Even the 6:30 is pushing the card. Although Otis had to pee at 5:30 so he woke me up in usual fashion ( a face bath). Once he is done outside he races to get back into bed under the covers and into the best spot.
    Enjoy the day and no napping!!!


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