Happy 2nd Birthday Brinkley

Hey, Mom… this hat… not cool…

Yeah, I couldn’t resist this for Brinkley’s 2nd Birthday.

In fact, it was from Autumn’s 1st birthday. ha!


Our sweet Brink turned 2 on the 30th. Autumn and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a fun treat for her. We made pupcakes for her and Kemper to chow down on.

I think that Brink just tolerated dressing her up with the hat since the big jar of PB was out and she was looking forward to some. They can’t resist pea nut butter!

I mean, how can a sweet little doggo not love a Peanut Butter filled and frosted pupcake?! And a tiny treat to top it off, perfect!


Both Brink and Kemper enjoyed the pupcakes. They were a wonderful treat for them. Brink basically dove for it (see how her foot is off the ground!?) and Kemper was licking his chops waiting for me to give him his pupcake.

We are so thankful that our derpy little Brink is in our lives. Love her affection, spunk, silliness, and kisses so much!

Recipe for those scrumptious Peanut Butter Pupcakes will be on the blog soon!


Kemper’s Fun Time Favorite Things

Kurgo dog-1

Dogs are like babies. They require a lot of stuff.

From the crate to the bed, the toys to the clothes, the food to the treats. ALL OF IT!!

Kurgo dog-2 Kurgo dog-3

Between our stuff, the baby’s stuff, and Kemper’s stuff it feels like our house is overflowing with things. Well, it doesn’t ‘feel like it’, it is overflowing with stuff as we’ve begun storing some things at Price’s mom’s house. Such a relief.

That being said, everything we buy for Kemper has to be affordable, small, durable, and provide a solution to a real problem. We even factor those things into his toys, esp when he has been known to rip up a new toy within 5 minutes of giving it to him. Ropes are a pretty good buy, but stuffed animals last just a few minutes so that’s not very economical or safe.

So we have been very careful with recent buys as we want things to last and be purposeful. Thankfully, we have found a great brand that works for us. Price first purchased a car seat protector from Kurgo and then we discovered more and more great things from them.

Kurgo dog-4

This Wander Pail from Kurgo is a great storage solution for travel or weekend stay’s with Kemper’s dog sitter. We used it while we were camping as it has a storage part and a bowl part, which makes it compact and really useful as we don’t have to bring 2 things with us, just this one thing.

But how much does it hold? Of course, I tested it!

We weigh Kemper’s meals as he can gain/loose weight quickly. Plus his mischievous ‘sister’ Autumn likes to throw food at him from her high chair. So we monitor it closely by weighing out his meals… 75 grams to be exact!

Kurgo dog-6 Kurgo dog-7

So I tared the scale. And then measured out one meal.

Kurgo dog-8 Kurgo dog-9

And another. And another! That makes for 3 meals in the storage container.

Kurgo dog-10 Kurgo dog-11

Then the serving bowl portion goes on. And another meal is measured out!

The Wander Pail can hold 4 meals for Kemper which is GREAT for a weekend away making it perfect for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast. If you need a container to hold more food then be sure to get the Kibble Carrier as it holds 64 oz of food! Plus it has a food bowl too. That would hold 12 days of food for our monster! (Which would work perfectly for when we go on our cruise in January and he stays with our amazing dog walker…)

Kurgo dog-5

Kemper really enjoyed using his Wander Pail while we were camping. And we enjoyed using as well since it was compact for our trip and was very easy to clean when we got back home as it is dishwasher safe.

Kurgo dog-14

We also brought this Atomic Drop Treat Bag with us that is great to have on long walks, hikes, and trips to the dog park. It definitely has gotten a lot of use this summer as we have been enjoying the nice summer nights as we take 2 1/2 mile walks around town saying ‘hi’ to our local firefighters and muttering swears under our breath at the hills in town.

Kurgo dog-15

Please?? Can I please have a treat!?!?!

Kurgo dog-16

Plus now my pockets don’t stink like dog treats. And I don’t find random pieces of dried chicken in my coat pockets either. And if we are at the dog park I can leave this with the stroller outside the fence so that all the other dogs don’t try to sniff my pocket (and nearby crotch region) smelling the treats that we brought for Kemper.

The Atomic Drop Treat Bag keeps treats fresh, secure, and right at hand. You can hang it to your waist band or clip it to your belt loop or the leash loop/handle with it’s carabineer. Plus it has a tiny zipper pouch which is just big enough for storing some money and your keys. This is compact but very efficient.

Kurgo dog-17

Awww, are you tired after camping?

This car seat cover has been a real life saver for our new car! LIFE SAVER! Well, seat saver… but you get my point!

Kurgo dog-18

We always took care of our first car but being that it had fabric seats we could beat up a bit more than our new Rav4’s leather seats. First I was afraid of his nails damaging the seats, and then the dirt. Oh, so much dirt! Kemper gets filthy after we visit his favorite dog park, trail, park, or the beach. The sand! The dirt! The mud! Oh my!

We selected the Shorty Bench Seat Cover as Kemper is not one to lean against or jump up to place his paws on the seat back. If your dog might do then I’d suggest getting the Kurgo Bench Seat Cover as it fully extends up the seat back.

So far, everything we’ve received from Kurgo has been a big WIN for us. I think our next purchase will be a new harness as Kemper tore part of his current one that, surprisingly, has last for a year. Seriously, he destroys EVERYTHING.


Kurgo provided us with the Wander Pail and the Treat Bag, but we purchased the car seat protector ourselves, to try and review. All opinions are my own.

Springs for Legs

Springs for legs-4

When we were back visiting Price’s hometown over the Fourth of July, we took full advantage of his brother’s great big backyard. We typically had him steaked on a leader so he could move around with some freedom to pick the best spots for laying under the trees. At one point we did let him off the leash to run around for a bit but we kept some cheese in our pockets as a quick bribe for him to come back incase he was thinking of running off into a neighbors’ yard. Thankfully he didn’t do that and just enjoyed running around after Price and me.

Springs for legs-7

Springs for legs-5

Prior to that we did have a bit of fun with him, some sticks, and my new camera. I love to get him to jump really high so I grabbed some good sticks as quick toy for him. Bostons are mega jumpers so he was easily leaping several feet in the air. I love that kind of jumping, not the jump on your clean dress or white pants jumping. Can’t he understand that?! ha!

Springs for legs-6

Springs for legs-1

Springs for legs-3

Springs for legs-2

Love him to bits!

Kisses and Farts!

Kemper Love-2

1 amazing year with this amazing dog!

We picked him up from the breeder last year on 2/2 so today marks 1 year of this adorable, energetic, lovable, annoying, stinky, kissy, farty pup!

Kemper Love-1


We’ve had so many good adventures with him over this year. We’ve survived house training in a blizzard, taken so many long sunrise walks on the beach, taken lots of hikes, been camping, traveled to NY, CT, NH, and ME, and much more! And now he has a baby sister to watch over!

We are so glad we picked him and can’t imagine life without him now. Can’t wait for the next year with our Kemper! xoxo

Kemper Love-3

Happy 1st Birthday Kemper!!

Today is Kemper’s first birthday.

Our little puppy babe is a year old and I can’t believe it.

Kemper First Birthday

Here he is on Thanksgiving.

Might just be me, but he is looking pretty adorable here.

I think he needs a little treat this weekend since I didn’t get my act together today. Well, that might just have to do with our newest little baby. But I think Kemper won’t mind the delay since he is being such a good sport with Autumn here now.