Industry Brunch Review- Bokx 109, Newton MA

bokx 109_beggs benedict_01

I really truly think Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. Anything goes then. Savory, Sweet. Coffee. Booze. Emphasis on that last one.

So when I was invited to check out Bokx 109‘s new brunch I did a little dance in my chair when I checked my email. I seriously love Bokx 109 (see this post and this post!) because everything there is incredible. I’m not just saying that because I got a free brunch. No, I’m completely serious. Incredible.

bokx 109_indigo hotel

We headed over to the Hotel Indigo in Newton, MA, where Bokx 109 is located to enjoy our brunch. It was a nice snowy day but this place is beautiful in the summer. I would love to sit by the pool and enjoy a cocktail. Is it summer yet?

bokx 109_donuts_03 bokx 109_donuts_02

Shortly after we were seated a plate of Coffee and Doughnuts were brought over. These were homemade beignet doughnuts served with coffee pot de creme. The 6 doughnuts were served warm with the freshly sprinkled powdered sugar melting over the top of them.  The coffee pot de creme was the prefect sauce to serve for the doughnuts to be dipped into. I would have liked for a spoon to have been paired with this dish to be able to eat all of the pot de creme as well as easily eat the chocolate garnish in there.

bokx 109_bloody mary cart

And then the best thing ever happened… the Bloody Mary cart arrived to our table.

They bring the cart over to bring the This week the Bloody Mary’s were paired with pepperoncinis, olives, pickles, celery, string cheese sticks, and mini Slim Jim’s. Slim Jim’s! I told out waiter that I didn’t like olives so he omitted that from my Bloody Mary.

bokx 109_bloody mary

I could have had 3 of these. I behaved though and only had 1 Bloody Mary.

bokx 109_smoke show

I was like a giddy school girl telling our waiter how much I love the brunch already and how I love going to Bokx 109. I was also telling him that The Smoke Show special, that I had with dinner previously, was one of was most memorable things I’ve had in very long time. And ta-da! The General Manager brought out an order of the Pear and Mascarpone Sacchetti ($12) for each of us. Price finally got to see what I have been talking about with it’s handmade delicate, sweet sacchettis served with a chive fondue.

bokx 109_the royalty_01

Not to already be out done, our entrees then arrived. Price ordered The Royalty ($12).The  Belgian Waffle with Crown Royal Maple infused syrup dish was also served with a caramelized banana. The Belgian Waffle was a sweet, airy waffle which was then topped with whipped cream and chocolate balls. The chocolate balls would melt in your mouth as you ate your waffle. Price lamented that while a half of a banana was the perfect amount h wished he had a whole one because it was so good. The banana was caramelized and had a crunchy sugary layer, similar to a creme brule. All of that was topped with the strawberry compound and the boozy maple syrup that really had a kick!

bokx 109_the royalty_02 bokx 109_the royalty_03

You can get a basic waffle for $10 at the local dinner or you can get a The Royalty for $12. It’s an obvious choice for me with its layers of flavor and boozy maple syrup.

bokx 109_beggs benedict_03

I debated ordered which Eggs Benny dish to order and ‘settled’ on the Green Eggs and Ham Eggs Benedict Entree ($10). Oh dear lord. This was served with local Prosciutto, grilled slices of Ciabatta, basil oil, sous vide eggs, and a bearnaise sauce. Between the 2 eggs were thick cut sliced potatoes that, like the ciabatta, served as a great vehicle to scoop up the runny egg yolk and bearnaise sauce. Don’t even get me started on those eggs. I had never had sous vide eggs before so this was a fun change-up from the typical poached eggs. There was a moment of silence after I broke open each egg as I watched the bright yellow yolk come running out. True Bliss.

bokx 109_beggs benedict_02 bokx 109_beggs benedict_034

On our way out we talked with Chef Stephen Coe and thanked him for the incredible brunch we had. We told him how all of the food was amazing and how we, as usual, had fantastic service as well. I told him that the only thing I would change to make brunch better was to serve a stronger serrated knife to make cutting the grilled ciabatta easy. You know, to be able to get the food into your mouth faster…

Price and I are constantly talking about the next time we are going back to brunch. The service and quality of food is always topnotch. Plus the prices for the entrees are very reasonable for the care put involved in each dish.

I’ll be back for their Bellini Cart next!

**While I received this complimentary brunch from Bokx 109, these options are entirely all my own. Plus I did tip well, I’m not an animal!**


4 thoughts on “Industry Brunch Review- Bokx 109, Newton MA

  1. William Kelly says:

    What an awesome review, so well written. I’d have thought that the beverage was a Ceasar had you not stated. Never know I hope to be passing through that neck of the woods late summer early fall, I would sure try to make this a stop along the way.
    Hope you brought some little tender morsels home for Kemper!
    Great Job, well done!


  2. Sasha says:

    Oh my gosh, all of this looks too good. Bloody mary cart?! Dude, that’s just genius.
    And I love that there’s a giant Belvedere bottle alongside your morning donuts haha


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