Out for a Stroll

 Chelsea MA_JJ Mahoney Rest Area_Fountain 

Price and I are volunteering our time to work on creating a plan to revitalize the Downtown Chelsea area. It’s a bit tired so the City is looking to developing a strategy in enforcing established ordinances, creating new (much needed) ordinances, educating people about the area, and ultimately re-branding Chelsea while creating a master plan for the area. It’s important to first document the current conditions to create help create this master plan and development program. So, we took a walk this morning to take some pictures of Downtown area along Broadway.

Here are some pictures from the area around Dorothy M. Griffin Square, J.J Mahoney Rest Area (a memorial park), and the police station.

Chelsea MA_Broadway_Up

Chelsea MA_Broadway

Chelsea MA_dorothy m griffin square

Chelsea MA_dorothy m griffin square_columbus statue

Chelsea MA_JJ Mahoney Rest Area_Statuejpg Chelsea MA_JJ Mahoney Rest Area_Planter

Chelsea MA_JJ Mahoney Rest Area_Monument

Chelsea MA_Police Station_Sign

Chelsea MA_Police Station_01 Chelsea MA_Police Station_02

Chelsea MA_Police Station

Kemper on Walk

Mr. Kemper enjoyed the walk too


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