Monday Munchies: Floramo’s Restaurant- Chelsea, MA

As part of my Monday Munchies series, I will feature a different eatery for a review on the third Monday of every month. Hope you enjoy!


Floramo's Restaurant_13

Price and I have only had a few ‘Date Nights’ since Autumn was born. I think 4, maybe 5 of them. And 2 of them were on the cruise that we took in January. And since then we have been talking about how we needed to get a babysitter so that we could have a Date Night soon.

As it was our first time using our sweet babysitter at night so we wanted to pick a place that was close by. We weighed our options and decided to go to Floramo’s restaurant, which is about a 3-4 minute drive from our house. We’ve lived in Chelsea for about 3 years now so we were excited to try a local place.

Floramo's Restaurant-10 Floramo's Restaurant-11

When we arrived shortly after 7pm we were told it would be able a 25-30 minute wait. We took our pager to a bench off the lobby to wait while discussing upcoming wedding stuff. But before we knew it a few minutes had passed and our pager began to go off. I’m glad our wait was much faster than originally predicted.

Floramo's Restaurant-4

We debated getting an appetizer but once we checked out the Appetizers menu we decided we had try the Buffalo Fried Calamari ($9.95). We both really like traditional calamari that is fried and served with marinara sauce. Or the Rhode Island Style that has spicy cherry peppers.

Floramo's Restaurant-2 Floramo's Restaurant-3

But this was different as the crispy fried calamari was tossed in Buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese dressing was for the dipping sauce. It all worked together perfectly. A cool mashup between calamari and buffalo wings.

Floramo's Restaurant-7 Floramo's Restaurant-8

As Floramo’s is known for their steak tips and delicious meats, Price decided to order the Mixed Grill ($16.25) for his entree. It included Sausage, a Steak Tip, a Turkey Tip, Chicken a Tip, 1/4 Rack of Ribs. It was a good introduction to the selection of meats that they serve. All of their barbecue is meat that is cooked to your desired level of done-ness and marinated in Floramo’s secret barbecue sauce recipe.

Price really enjoyed everything on the mixed grill. He was really impressed by the amount of food served, although he wished there was more steak tips as the piece was really good. The piece of sausage was really big and grilled nicely. The slogan for Floramo’s is “Where the meat falls off the bone!”and it really is true as the meat on the ribs was fall off the bone tender.

As well, Price decided to get a baked potato, between his choice of fries, rice, mashed potato, baked potato, or pasta. It was served with butter and sour cream on the side.

Floramo's Restaurant-6

I had originally thought I’d order steak tips, but once Price ordered a meaty dish I decided to check out their selection fish entrees. I ordered the Haddock Italiano ($13.95), which was lightly battered and sautéed haddock served over pasta with onions, diced tomato, spinach and crushed hot peppers in a wine based sauce. It was fantastic! I picked angel hair pasta and I think it worked well with the sauce. The 2 large pieces of fish were tender and very flaky. The sauce was spicy from all the crushed hot peppers in the sauce. It all just worked together really well.

Floramo's Restaurant-5

Both of our dinners came with a simple salad. There were a handful of dressing to choose from, like ranch, blue cheese, Italian, but we opted just for oil and vinegar.

Even though both of us only had half of our entrees we were stuffed. I would have loved to have hung around and ordered dessert but we were just too full.

Floramo's Restaurant-1 Floramo's Restaurant-9

As the entrees were so large (for us) we enjoyed the leftovers the next day, making our dinner a great deal.

I’m so glad that we finally had a chance to make it to Floramo’s Restaurant. I’m already thinking about the next time we can go so I can have some of my own steak tips!

Floramo's Restaurant-12

Floramo’s Restaurant

213 Everett Avenue

Chelsea MA, 02150


Monday- Wednesday: 11-9pm

Thursday – Saturday: 11-10pm

Sunday: Closed


Out for a Stroll

 Chelsea MA_JJ Mahoney Rest Area_Fountain 

Price and I are volunteering our time to work on creating a plan to revitalize the Downtown Chelsea area. It’s a bit tired so the City is looking to developing a strategy in enforcing established ordinances, creating new (much needed) ordinances, educating people about the area, and ultimately re-branding Chelsea while creating a master plan for the area. It’s important to first document the current conditions to create help create this master plan and development program. So, we took a walk this morning to take some pictures of Downtown area along Broadway.

Here are some pictures from the area around Dorothy M. Griffin Square, J.J Mahoney Rest Area (a memorial park), and the police station.

Chelsea MA_Broadway_Up

Chelsea MA_Broadway

Chelsea MA_dorothy m griffin square

Chelsea MA_dorothy m griffin square_columbus statue

Chelsea MA_JJ Mahoney Rest Area_Statuejpg Chelsea MA_JJ Mahoney Rest Area_Planter

Chelsea MA_JJ Mahoney Rest Area_Monument

Chelsea MA_Police Station_Sign

Chelsea MA_Police Station_01 Chelsea MA_Police Station_02

Chelsea MA_Police Station

Kemper on Walk

Mr. Kemper enjoyed the walk too

Blizzard 2013: Nemo

snow snow snow and some more snow. That is what the blizzard named Nemo dumped on the northeast this Friday and Saturday. It was the 5th largest snow storm in Boston’s recorded history dumping 24.9 inches of snow at Logan Airport.

What does that snow look like?


Pricer took these pictures at 2.30pm on Friday afternoon

Nemo 2013_Before_01

Nemo 2013_Before_02 Nemo 2013_Before_03


Pictures taken on Saturday starting at 11.15am

Nemo 2013_After_01 Nemo 2013_After_02

Our front door on the left, our kitchen door to back steps on the right. Since we couldn’t get out the front door and didn’t want to dump snow on the hardwood floors we went out the basement.

Nemo 2013_After_03


Which still had a lot of snow in front of it.

Nemo 2013_After_04 Nemo 2013_After_05

Nemo 2013_After_06

Nemo 2013_After_07 Nemo 2013_After_08

Nemo 2013_After_09

Nemo 2013_After_10 Nemo 2013_After_11

Looking up and then down our street.

Nemo 2013_After_12

Kemper was not too thrilled by the snow since he coudn’t get to the yard where he has been going to the bathroom. (Sure to take a back step in house-training him. Oh well, just gotta deal with it)


We spent some time shoveling more snow to the car could get out of the driveway now. We did have Kemper out with us for a bit and I got home pictures of him running on our front walkway. SQUEE!!!

Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_01

Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_02 Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_03

Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_04 Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_05 Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_06

Can’t wait for it to thaw!!!

Just taking a stroll {Chelsea, MA}

Last weekend I took a walk around our town to get out of the house and get some breakfast & butter, as I was running low and the urge to bake hit. It was a rainy, gloomy Sunday morning but I still enjoyed the walk to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. When I’m out in town I’m typically on a quick mission to get to/from the bus but this time I had the chance to walk around and enjoy the sights.



I highly suggest that you go out in your town with you camera and snap a few photos. I bet you will enjoy opening up your eyes and exploring. Find some beauty. Enjoy it.