My city

Pru from Boston Turn Pike East

Boston (and the surrounding towns of Brookline, Newton, and Chelsea) has been my home since late August 2003. I am approaching my 10 yr anniversary of when we packed up my stuff into a u-haul and my mom and step dad moved me up to my cute studio apartment at Beacon Street and Mass Ave. I left everything I knew behind in CT to go to a new to me city to attend Boston Architectural College.

I was setting forth on my own little adventure in Boston.

Zakim Bridge Boston from Tobin Bridge

I always joke/whine that Boston is not a city all because of its size and my long-standing relationship with NYC. But it is a great little city that has captured my heart. I love to wander around the different neighborhoods when we have time to. While I joke how small it is, I also enjoy that it is so small and you can practically walk end to end taking it all in.

It is well-known that I do not like winter but when the snow is lightly falling on The Common or at the old cemeteries across from where I work I can’t help but smile as the city gets a new white start that day.

Then in the spring as the magnolia blossoms are opening wide along the Commonwealth Avenue Mall I take that in. I loved it the first spring I was here and I love it still. I push the limits and wear flip-flops far to soon but love the warm days that are woven between the days that still have a chill in the air.

My favorite season is summer with heat radiating off the pavement and  my hair sticks to my neck from the humidity. The city is alive with events and people all around soakng up the summer sun. I can’t miss an opportunity to sit on the greenway and watch kids run through the fountains while I enjoy a lunch from a food truck.

And the fall is lovely in New England so it goes without a doubt to say that Boston has a special feel about it when the air gets crisp and cool again.

Boston Custom House fenway park tour

I’m still quite in shock when I think about the attack on Boston yesterday along the Boston Marathon route. I find attacks like this cowardly. How dare you harm innocent people cheering on family and friends doing something they love? How dare you?!?

As much as this incident is horrible, horrific, and senseless, I am reminded of how much good there is in the world as I hear stories and see images of people helping out at the explosion sites or by opening their homes up to people who couldn’t get back to their hotels.

This will only make us stronger.


3 thoughts on “My city

  1. Aunt Tish says:

    You brought out the beauty of the city, the terrible events of yesterday and that good people rise up to help others that were hurt in many ways by this cowardly act. We need to show the whole world that terrorism will not win!


  2. Carolyn says:

    I’m a transplant here too, from Canada (via Arizona, oddly enough). It’s hard to bear at the moment, but the heroics and kindness I saw yesterday make up for all the times I’ve been cut off in traffic!


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