My city

Pru from Boston Turn Pike East

Boston (and the surrounding towns of Brookline, Newton, and Chelsea) has been my home since late August 2003. I am approaching my 10 yr anniversary of when we packed up my stuff into a u-haul and my mom and step dad moved me up to my cute studio apartment at Beacon Street and Mass Ave. I left everything I knew behind in CT to go to a new to me city to attend Boston Architectural College.

I was setting forth on my own little adventure in Boston.

Zakim Bridge Boston from Tobin Bridge

I always joke/whine that Boston is not a city all because of its size and my long-standing relationship with NYC. But it is a great little city that has captured my heart. I love to wander around the different neighborhoods when we have time to. While I joke how small it is, I also enjoy that it is so small and you can practically walk end to end taking it all in.

It is well-known that I do not like winter but when the snow is lightly falling on The Common or at the old cemeteries across from where I work I can’t help but smile as the city gets a new white start that day.

Then in the spring as the magnolia blossoms are opening wide along the Commonwealth Avenue Mall I take that in. I loved it the first spring I was here and I love it still. I push the limits and wear flip-flops far to soon but love the warm days that are woven between the days that still have a chill in the air.

My favorite season is summer with heat radiating off the pavement and  my hair sticks to my neck from the humidity. The city is alive with events and people all around soakng up the summer sun. I can’t miss an opportunity to sit on the greenway and watch kids run through the fountains while I enjoy a lunch from a food truck.

And the fall is lovely in New England so it goes without a doubt to say that Boston has a special feel about it when the air gets crisp and cool again.

Boston Custom House fenway park tour

I’m still quite in shock when I think about the attack on Boston yesterday along the Boston Marathon route. I find attacks like this cowardly. How dare you harm innocent people cheering on family and friends doing something they love? How dare you?!?

As much as this incident is horrible, horrific, and senseless, I am reminded of how much good there is in the world as I hear stories and see images of people helping out at the explosion sites or by opening their homes up to people who couldn’t get back to their hotels.

This will only make us stronger.


Cray Cray!!

I would love to wake up and it be some point in the future. After the closing date, after the packing, after the moving, after the unpacking. I just want to wake up and having that craziness all done with. I would love that.

I know I can’t fast forward because well, that is just not possible. Also, because I would miss out on so much, like Pricer’s mom’s bday, my visit to see Amanda, and my nephews all being in a play together, etc.

Our current place was rented and the new people want to move in early. Really early! Like 10+ days early. Thankfully they will pay us for it but it still puts a crunch on things that we did not anticipate before. But when it comes down to getting 1/3 of the months rent… we will jump and get it to work.

I’m helping on on someone’s project this week for a deadline. I don’t care about it. I don’t want to stay late tonight to work on it. But I have to and I know that I will enjoy working on the details when it comes down to it. I would rather catch up on my Sketchbook 4 class of Project Life tonight. Oh well, at least the OT helps offset the time from the taking Monday off for watching the Boston Marathon.

I know that I shouldn’t get to wrapped up in styling our place since we are not even there yet but I can’t help think about it. I am just so excited about it new beginnings and starting over in a place that is OURS. I feel our bedroom is in the worst shape since at this point it’s just a mash up of things right now. I don’t want to continue that so I’ve been glued to design blogs and shopping sites trying to pin things that we might like. (Check out this board– it’s totally cray cray)

I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that I am juggling in my head and in real life.

Oh, this weekend… I can’t wait to pack, scrapbook, and attempt to clear my mind of the things that are cluttering it all up.

What is making you cray cray at this point? What are you up to this weekend to clear your head?

It was hot standing in the shade!! {Boston Marathon 2012}

I don’t get Patriots’ Day off at work, but I occasionally take the day off to see the runners instead of just crowding around the TV to see the top finishers and to watch a bit during lunch. I took yesterday off because some awesome Boston food bloggers, such as Amanda and Meghan, were running and I was hoping to cheer them on. Or at least the rest of the thousands of runners.

When the weather reports were shifting the temperatures from the 60’s to the 80’s I was ecstatic. I love hot weather and I was getting a special treat on my day off! Ah, a real shorts and tank top day!! While I might have been so excited about it, the thousands of runners making their way on the 26.2 mile course were not. This was going to be safety issue for a lot of people because their bodies have not trained for this sort of heat before. It resulted in some people deferring to race next year.

I’m really glad that I was able to cheer on the runners as it is always so much fun. Sure the city is a zoo and it is horrible to get around but it’s still a lot of fun to experience something that is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication for a lot of people. Like Ashley of Hither and Thither in her post about the NYC maration I get a little “verklempt” watching the runners. There is something so special about the day watching these runners accomplish something so great. They are tired, hot, weary, but they push on and you can see it in their eyes how happy, exhausted, and proud they are when they continue on to pass the finish line.

Alright, here is a little recap of my day…

Got off at Arlington T stop and walked up the Pru side. I had to get as far over at Huntington to continue my making my way up. When I was in the Copely area the women’s top finishers were starting to cross.


I continue up and crossed through the Prudential Mall and exited on Boylston St. This area was pack of people and tents giving out food and drinks = mad house (Why must you grab 6 10-pack boxes of energy drink mix? WHY?)


I ended up stationing myself right against the fence right in front of Hynes Convention Center- intersection of Gloucester and Boylston Streets. This put me right about at the 26 mile mark.

When these 3 soldiers were approaching in full gear the crowds cheering picked up and it was deafening. These were the first of many soldiers to be in full gear. I can’t imagine that because was so hot (hot even in the shade) and so heavy.

The Syracuse ROTC also made an appearance marching along.

This guy was in support of USA as well, but in his own unique way.


This moment was so sweet. This guy was running by and his cheering family caught his attention so he ran over and was hugging his son and talking to him about doing it. Just a few seconds but totally unforgettable.

I’m impressed he didn’t loose his Minnie Mouse ears.


Patriotism on Patriots Day.



The women around me were tracking and cheering on their husbands. When they were approaching I just starting snapping pics. Good job #6634 and #1859!!!!!

Shortly after the husbands of the wives standing next to me ran by, I decided to move on to another area to get another vantage point. I walked up to Mass Ave, turned down on Newbury and then found a spot on the West side of Hereford Street. (The big concrete building on the right edge of the photo was my college) I ended up being next to a group of guys who were so loud cheering everyone on. They would read the names written on their arms, text on their shirt, or just start screaming “GO BLUE SHIRT GUY!!!! ALMOST THERE!!!!!!” It was awesome. I don’t think they’ll have voices today.

This guy was running barefoot! Crazy!


Amanda… this one’s for you!


This little guy stole the show at this point because he was running along side his mom(?) and was going crazy getting the crowd to cheer.

At around 3.15 I left to head into work for a brief 4pm meeting. The T was crazy. The MBTA did a good job (at least from what I saw) of handling the influx of passengers. There was a lot of traffic underground because of all the trains so my ride took so long but it was still very orderly and all the instructions were very clear.

Although I didn’t get to meet up with my friends as planned because of the crowds, road closures, and timing it was a perfect day.