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My city

Boston (and the surrounding towns of Brookline, Newton, and Chelsea) has been my home since late August 2003. I am approaching my 10 yr anniversary of when we packed up my stuff into a u-haul and my mom and step … Continue reading

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Cray Cray!!

I would love to wake up and it be some point in the future. After the closing date, after the packing, after the moving, after the unpacking. I just want to wake up and having that craziness all done with. … Continue reading

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It was hot standing in the shade!! {Boston Marathon 2012}

I don’t get Patriots’ Day off at work, but I occasionally take the day off to see the runners instead of just crowding around the TV to see the top finishers and to watch a bit during lunch. I took yesterday off because some awesome Boston … Continue reading

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