5.10-12: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} home early | price getting drinks with old co-workers | pierogis for dinner | super tired | Can’t Hardly Wait | fall asleep | pick up Pricer | bed

{Saturday}  egg mock muffins with apples | went to Haymarket | cleaned the fridge | watched DVR’d shows | nap #1 | showers | Shake Shack | The Container Store | nap #2 | pasta w fresh sauce & pesto for dinner | watched NASCAR race | bed

{Sunday} Price got up with Kemper at 6am | I slept ’till 8am | made french toast | newspaper | SNL | Sunday Morning | talked to my mom | Pet Smart for a new collar & leash | Target | Price did lots of laundry | lunch | grocery shopping | made couscous salad | made tar heel pie | sorted coupons | watched DVR’d episodes of The Middle | blogging | dishes | bed


flat of tomatoes

 shake shack buzzer

shake shack lunch

fresh tomato sauce and pesto pasta

Wattamelon Roll

tar heel pie  ouch


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