6.7-9: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} Price picked me up from work, bring home gates | lots and lots of rain | watch Wreck it Ralph | bed early | kemper up 2x at night

{Saturday}  slept in to 7am | post office | Haymarket | Mike’s Pastry | Katz’s bagel | unloaded the car | McDonald’s for coffee | Trader Joe’s | go up to NH to visit Catherine and Ed | lunch with Ed’s sister’s | hang out for a few hours | drive back home | NH liquor store stop for vodka | home | price did laundry | make homemade mac and cheese for dinner | catching up of lots of dishes | bed

{Sunday} up early | Price had a headache | make fruit salad | baking prep | clean up scrapbooking desk | work on PL | home depot for plants | plant the Pieris Japonica | lunch- tomato salad | Nationwide Race | Sprint Cup Race | nap | blogging & pinterest | dig up grass to plant bulbs | dishes | watch the Tony’s | bed

pb2 smoothie

kemper raincoat

kemper in bed

kemper running kemper face

boston terriers

 kemper sitting

 mac and cheese kemper sleeping

  fruit salad tomato ricotta salad

kermper on back


One thought on “6.7-9: Weekend Recap

  1. William Kelly says:

    What a handsome young man you got going there. ( I’m talking Kemper here, although I am sure that Price fits in that category as well). I am worried about Otis for not getting up to go out. If he decides to go to bed at like 7:30 or so he is out for the night and does not surface until 8 or 9 the next morning. Short of dynamite under his butt you can not get him to get up and go out for one last pee. that can’t be good to hold it like that.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the little fellow!


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