8.9-11: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} leave work early | lots of rain ends | Price gets home | made breakfast for dinner | DRV’d shows | clean basement | pack up the car | send emails and work on blog posts | go to bed

{Saturday} kemper woke up at 4.15 | get out of bed at 5.30 | shower  & get ready | pack cooler and finish packing up the car | leave at 6.30 | head to Pillsbury State Park |  dunkin’ donuts for breakfast | arrive at 8.30| get camp ground assignment at 9.30 | unpack and set up tent | walk around the camp grounds and hike the balance rock trail – about 3 miles total | 1 1/2 hr nap | grocery shopping for dinner | set up dinner & Price bought 2 more bundles of wood | set up fire & have snacks | make dinner- chicken sausages | hang out by the fire | Kemper fell alseep on me | roast marshmallows | go to bed

{Sunday} wake up early | check out the pond at sun up | start fire | make breakfast- bacon, eggs, blueberry pancakes | I took an hr nap | help Price finish packing up the camp site | leave at 10.30 | stop off at market | drive home | home right before 1pm | relax & watch NASCAR race | shower | go to the mall for baby clothes shopping | continue watching race | dinner | watched DVR’s shows | give Kemper a bath | make pudding | bed


camping Pillsbury State Park NH

kemper on hike


tired kemper

NH local sodas sleepy boys super tired kemper


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