Random Thoughts on a Thursday Afternoon

pink roses

Typically, Amanda and I would have a Thisty Thursday drink recipe post today but we are slackers and are skipping this week. Both of us are quite blah now. I think it’s the upcoming unoffical transition from summer to fall this weekend. Or maybe, for me, it’s the deadline that I had yesterday that resulted in me working crazy hours Monday – Wednesday.

Well, no matter what the real source of our laziness is we are lazy bloggers today so I’ve just whipped up a list of my little random thoughts of things spinning around manically in my head.


I really want to make these Streusel Topped Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Glaze

I think it’s adorable when Price is pissed people don’t get up for me when we’re riding the train/bus.

Can’t get over that my almost 3 year old niece can rock The Single Ladies dance. She has that wave and some moves down. She’s a character.

Fast food chains are on strike today so of course all I can think about is getting a burger from Wendy’s with McDonald’s fries. I’m a horrible person.

Shellac has to be the best beauty invention in recent years. Besides the sock bun thing.

I check the Tory Burch website every day to see if their flip flops are on sale. No luck yet.

20 Days until we are on vacation!!

I’ve been working on Project Life but I have not been blogging about it. I’m a slacker.

Also, related to being a slacker… I never blogged about the wonderful time I had at ALT NYC… in JUNE. I think about it every day but I have no real energy to formulate real thoughts on it because it was so amazing but I feel I need to say why I loved it so much besides saying ‘I went to ALT! I loved it! It was amazing! Martha Stewart was like 6′ away from me! She has skinny legs!’

Wondering when we call can stop talking about Miley.

I can’t get over how much I love this photo. He is doofy.

The Newsrooms is my current favorite show. Did you see Jane Fonda in action this Sunday? She is just so stunning and fierce. 

Did I already mention we are on vacation in 20 days?!!?!?!!!?!?!?!!?!??!!?!?


Okay bye.


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