27 Weeks- Bump Update

I’ll do a weekly bump update so I can look back and see how things progress and what was happening at various points along the way.

27 week bump

I finally got the Vietnamese food that I had been ‘craving’ for a few weeks. I walked down to Chinatown one day during lunch so that I could get my favorite bun (a rice noodle dish). It was sooo good. Exactly what I needed during a crazy week… my favorite food and a nice lunch our during a beautiful afternoon.

We are still undecided on what stroller/car seat combo we are getting. We keep doing a lot of research and trying out of different strollers as we way each pro and con. We factor in price, construction/materials, ease of use in city, and flexibility. For example…

The Orbit System: It’s beautiful, very sturdy, easy to maneuver, and made of green materials. Best of all are is the rotating feature that is key to the system. It makes it super easy to get into the car which is great for this shorty. As well, the car/stroller seat rotates 360 while being hooked up to the stroller base- which no other stroller does. It is really easy to travel with as it is easy to fold, packs up really small, and pull behind you (like a suitcase), but at the same time does the price for the travel collection ($1170) and other accessories out way all those features? Also, if you want to add another seat you make the stroller really long, which would be very hard to get on and off of the bus/T- which is a HUGE negative for us.

The Vista from Uppa Baby: We were looking at a Britax B-Ready system but found out that the Vista was really similar and a local company. Gotta support local! It was really easy to maneuver, easy to fold (even with stroller seat attached), and great for city use with large wheels and a shock absorbing system. We also like that you can use a variety of car seats with it so it has that flexibility as a plus. The system comes with the stroller base, ‘toddler’ stroller seat, and a bassinet for $729. It is nice that it comes with a bassinet but we doubt we would use it because of the season so it’s not a big plus for us. So once you factor in the $729 + car seat adapter + car seat you are over $1,000 and are pretty close to the price for the Orbit, but without the rotating feature that we love.

The City Select from Baby Jogger: We just saw this stroller this weekend and really got hooked on it. It is from a company that has a long standing history of durable strollers. While Baby Jogger has a lot of strollers we really like this one as it has 4 wheels (we want more stability as we will be lifting the stroller on/off the bus/T a lot). Overall, we like that it is really comfortable to use, light, and the simplest to fold. Best of all it has SO many options for adding on another seat in the future. Another plus, is the price point of the stroller ($499) and the other accessories.

So we’ll eventually decide…

 My mom has been visiting for Labor Day weekend. It’s been nice to see her since I haven’t seen her since April. We got to do a lot of catch about about The Bean. Plus we got out and about going to Magic Beans and Target to do some stroller research and some shopping. Target had a big baby sale and we had some coupons (thanks Rachel!!!) so we grabbed some things which was a lot of fun.

27 week bump_01 27 week bump_02

27 Week Bump Update

Current Due Date: 12/1/13- BUT my to be scheduled C-section will occur my 39th week so right before Thanksgiving… I just keep forgetting to call to check on the day.

Weight Gain: Ate too much this weekend, gotta lean it up this week

Stretch Marks: none 🙂

Belly Button: no change, but wondering how long I can keep my belly button ring in

Clothing: using belly bands with ‘regular’ pants and wearing some maternity tops

Cravings/Aversions: Still no aversions but A.D.ID.A.S= All Day I Dream About Sugar! Peaches, Twizzlers, gummy bears, and piles of cookies.

Sleep: can’t wait to sleep in/nap around tomorrow on my day off 

Mood: This iphone Face Time commercial will get me EVERY TIME

Movement: The Bean moves most at night

Milestones: 95% sure on what stroller we will get

What I miss: a consistent appetite- I’m just all over the place with being hungry/not hungry at meal times

What I am looking forward to: going on our babymoon… 18 more days!!

Comparable Fruit/Veggie Size: Ruttabaga (Average size: 13.6 – 14.8 inches head to toe, 1.5 – 2.5 lbs) via The Bump


3 thoughts on “27 Weeks- Bump Update

  1. Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly's says:

    We have the Vista and LOVE it. A few things if you buy a window model it is less expensive – we got ours from Isis Arlington for $600, and all it did was sit in the window as a display, it wasn’t used for floor demos (those you can buy for even cheaper but we went with the window model). I have heard that if you can get to the factory they do have some discounts which might be worth looking into?

    FWIW: We have the car seat adapter and never used it with our son, he was born in July, and we did use the bassinet, the bassinet is big enough to add a bundle me and it comes with weather protection covers.

    Good luck!


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