I said “YES!”

engagement ring_01

So on Sunday morning Price and I got engaged!!!

Quite the day, being his birthday as well!

We were up early to see the sunrise from the beach. And then ta-da there he is down on his knee.

Well, I should go back…


It really started the day before while we were in Key West since Price had figured he would propose there on a beach at sunset. But 1) we didn’t actually end up by any of the beaches with the good views of the sunset 2) we were already in the car just leaving Key West when the sun was starting to set. Ultimately, Price didn’t think doing it on the side of the road was very romantic. Esp, when we were pulled over at one point to get a few sunset pictures and some guy was taking pictures of his girlfriend while she posed on the back of their car while passing cars honked at her. Umm, good call Price.

So then he asked me what we should see the next day… sunrise or sunset. I said sunrise since we hadn’t seen that yet. I figured that if we bailed on that and slept in we still had sunset to enjoy on his birthday. As well, on the ride back from Key West I started to feel really sick and out of it (had to get Baby Center approved Robitussin DM and a box of tissues I carried around with me for the rest of the trip… lovely) so I really had no concept of why sunrise/sunset would be important.

Well, rise and shine Sunday morning!!!

  sunrise_02 sunrise_03

Price is all about getting ready and I am all about sleeping in. So he’s all hustle and bustle and I’m doing the slow mo sick walk to get ready. Ultimately, he is like ‘Well I’m getting the car so I’ll meet you down there.’ I have no idea why the car is involved since we can just walk outside to the lagoon at our resort (Hawk’s Cay), but Price wanted to change things up and go to Sombrero Beach on Marathon. Ultimately, sicky here was so slow getting ready so we just went down to the lagoon.


We ended up on the little dock that juts into the channel that runs along the resort. Unknown to me, while I’m enjoying the quiet sunrise and taking pictures, Price is trying to fish the ring out of his pocket behind me. And I’m just about to foil his plans by sitting down to relax while we wait for the sun to actually come up when I hear Pricer start talking. So I turn around and bam!

Wanna know what will make a pregnant woman instantly really cry? A Proposal.

Let’s que the waterworks.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you half of what he said since it was a complete blurr and I’m just thinking about trying to not freak out and get ‘yes’ out. As well get the ring I had on off so he could put the real deal ring on. I kept apologizing for being sick and kept saying how nervous I was with the ring on. Umm, little bit of a bigger deal than the $15 one that we got during our first visit to NYC over 8 years ago.

engaged_03 engaged_02

And let’s just say this ring is a stunner. We had had talked about rings before so he ultimately designed this one from what we had talked about. It’s a round diamond from Hearts on Fire in a bezel setting. The 14K white gold band has 2 finishes- satin around the band and the part where the mounting is a mirrored finish. (I would have said “yes” even if he gave me a ring from the Cracker Jack box but this ring is just the icing on the cake.)

engagement ring_02

After the proposal we took some more pictures of us and then headed off to breakfast just to kick off his birthday and our last full day on vacation.

Now before we jump on the crazy wedding planning train we have something else big on our to do list… a baby! So, we’ll get to planning a little something in the new year. 🙂


11 thoughts on “I said “YES!”

      • iamahoneybee says:

        Thank you. 🙂

        Let’s not worry about the almost 9 years together that has included going to school together & ultimately graduation from, working together to pay of debts, buying a house, getting a dog, etc. It’s the ring on my finger that makes me have the morals…


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