Fashion Show 2013_Queen_blog

Last Thursday was the annual IIDA New England Fashion Show.

This year was the 15th year that they have held the show so the overall show’s theme was “15: Aged to Perfection”. Our job as entries is to interpret that and create an entry based upon the show them. The outfits are to be made out of industry products that we use in our projects. This year we worked with Maharam fabric, Allsteel furniture, and Philip’s Lighting in order to create the 4 entry outfits.

After a lot of discussion and brain storming as a team, we decided to focus on the “15” and “perfection” portion of the show’s theme and came up with having a concert performance from the epic group Queen because they had 15 “perfect” studio albums.

We went through lots of images of the band, and specifically Freddie Mercury, to come up with the outfits, instruments, and hair. For example, the jacket made of arrows was something that Freddie work on tour while in Japan. And we combined images we had seen of Freddie wearing a cape as well as holding a Union Jack flag while performing, so we created a cape with the Union Jack sewn on the inside, which would be revealed during the show.

fashion show 2013_01_blog fashion show 2013_02_blog

This was the 3rd year that I have participated in the construction of the outfits for our entry into the show. I’ve loved the whole process, even when we want to kill each other and ourselves during the last week of crazy crunch time. Or at least I wanted to jump up and down on my hot glue gun smashing it to bits after getting a hot blog of glue under my nail, which of course blistered up like a mo’fo.

fashion show 2013_03_blog

Brian, one of the designer’s in the office, made this crown for Chris, as Freddie Murcury, out of gold spray painted cardboard and Maharam fabric. He then embellished with some gems and Philips lighting to make it all pop! The knob on top of crown was a gold spray painted Philip’s light bulb. Killer!

Fashion Show 2013_008_blog

It’s all coming together!!

 Fashion Show 2013_003_blog Fashion Show 2013_006_blog

Fashion Show 2013_009_blog

This was the Drum that Megan carried around making her member Roger Taylor. It was made out of Allsteel chair bases and topped with some plexi and then embellished with some Philip’s Lighting.

The guitar for Danielle (as Brian May) and bass for Keith (as John Deacon) were also made of Allsteel furniture pieces with the body and neck portions being constructed out of work surfaces and embellished with finish sample chips, draw pulls (for the frets), pieces of chairs (for the headstock) while straps being covered in wire management. As well, we consistently used different kinds of lighting on all the instruments to link them all together, as well as really stand out during the ‘performance’.

Fashion Show 2013_015_blog Fashion Show 2013_016_blog

Fashion Show 2013_022_blog Fashion Show 2013_025_blog

We started the process of getting ready in the office but then moved over to the convention center to finish make up and getting dressed.

I took a cab ride to the convention center with Keith and Chris with half painted faces and a lot of people we passed were giving us all funny looks. Quite enjoyable to freak out some tourists. 🙂

I made the 3 wigs using chair mesh from Allsteel. I cut pieces in various lengths and then basically shredded it by cutting up along the ‘grain’ of the fabric to make is shaggy. Then I twisted pieces to make ‘hair plugs’ which I glued onto pained plaster forms that I molded onto everyone’s head.

Fashion Show 2013_023_blog

Freddie needs a ‘stache.

Everyone had a last minute walk rehersal on stage and then had to get ready for judging by the panel of 5 judges before the show. Then there was some more hanging out backstage for everyone to take their turn on the stage. We were lucky #7 to ‘perform’!

Fashion Show 2013_081_blog Fashion Show 2013_089_blog

Fashion Show 2013_093_blog

Fashion Show 2013_095_blog Fashion Show 2013_101_blog

Fashion Show 2013_104_blog Fashion Show 2013_111_blog

Fashion Show 2013_113_blog

What show doesn’t need an illuminated crotch and feather boa embellished cape?!?

My coworker Todd took a video of the performance!

Fashion Show 2013_126_blog Fashion Show 2013_127_blog

After Megan, Danielle, Keith, and Chris walked we all hung out backstage for a bit enjoying the excitement of the show. As well, Keith stopped the bleeding from his hand since he was so into ‘jamming out’ during Bohemian Rhapsody that he cut his finger open on the edge of the light housing. ouch!

Fashion Show 2013_145_blog

I seriously wish I had a closer pictures of the guys as they were COVERED in body glitter. Well. they just had to sparkle!! Hilarious.

Fashion Show 2013_160_blog

After all 21 entries walked there was a final walk through off all the entries  on the stage and then it was time for awards! There are 7 awards total, including 1 specifically for college entries, so we had a chance to win one of 6 awards. Well, in the end we actually won 2 of those 6 awards!!!!

1)      MOST READY TO WEAR (Most Fashionable)

2)      PEOPLE’S CHOICE (decided on by a live online vote during the show)

 Fashion Show 2013_170_blog

We all celebrated and there were lots of group pictures taken up on the stage.

Fashion Show 2013_179_blog Fashion Show 2013_184_blog

Fashion Show 2013_166_blog

Fashion Show 2013_177_blog

I have fun with my clothes onstage; it’s not a concert you’re seeing, it’s a fashion show – Freddie Mercury

I am so proud of all the work that we all did to make these amazing costumes.



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