The Bean’s Baby Shower

baby shower_01

My baby shower was 2 weekends ago. It was so lovely and we had such a fun time celebrating with family and friends.

My mom came up from Florida on Friday night to surprise me for the shower so it was great to be able to celebrate with her there as well.

baby shower_02 baby shower_03

baby shower_04

Sooo freaking cute!!

The general idea for the shower was to focus on fun fall things from pies, crisp apples, and bright changing leaves. We enjoyed goodies like a caramel dip with apples, fresh baked banana bread, and homemade caramel popcorn balls.

baby shower_05

We all enjoyed goodies and wine (well, I had apple cider) while we caught up and did baby shower things. Just kidding… baby shower games are THE WORST and I would have climbed out the 4th story window instead of playing a game.

But I couldn’t get out of opening the presents, but I could drag Price into the festivities and that is exactly what I did. 😛

 baby shower_06 baby shower_07

Price and I had registered online using Baby List. It’s an online registry that allows you to ‘pin’ things, basically just like pinterest, to your registry from any website. We decided to use this for our registry that it would make things easy for people to shop, esp when living in a city with limited access to the big box stores like Babies R Us.

There were lots of very cute outfits to show off. Like, one of our friends is a diehard Batman fan so he obviously gifted us some adorable Batman themed onesies. Cute!

baby shower_08

Pricer is kinda super excited about diaper bag. He likes that it has a list inside to remind you of what to pack. (I think this just gives me backup for when he forgets something)

baby shower_09

My sister gave us a great bouncy seat as well as this adorable onesie for The Bean.

 baby shower_10 baby shower_11

A big THANK YOU to Kellie and Cheri for planning this wonderful party and another big THANK YOU for everyone who came or gave us a gift for The Bean.



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