One Little Word- 2014


What a year 2013 was.

Last night, before the ball dropped, Price and I were talking about all the stuff that happened in 2013. It was an amazing year. It was a trying year. There was a lot of change. And there were a lot of great things and plenty of crappy things but, thankfully, the good things greatly outweighed the crappy things.


I had a pretty shitty birthday in January. It just never works out.

We got our dog, Kemper, back in February. And then survived house training him in a blizzard 7 days later.

Price got a new, awesome job in March. And we found out I was pregnant too!

My mom and Grandmother moved to Florida.

We found out our baby had an omphalocele in May.

I went to Alt NYC in June. I got to hear some pretty talented people share some valuable ideas, including Martha Stewart. Then extended that weekend to have a NYC adventure with my best friend.

We had an amazing weekend camping in July. I was just 6 months pregnant hiking and using an outhouse. No Big Deal.

My best friend moved across the country in August. And I cried all weekend after saying good bye.

Price and I went to The Florida Keys for our Babymoon. We got engaged on his birthday!

And we just had a baby in November! She had her surgery to repair her omphalocele and had an amazingly quick recovery and has been doing amazing well ever since.


I’m glad to see 2013 go. But only because I’m looking forward to see what great things 2014 has to offer. I can’t wait to see Autumn grow up. We’re going to get a new car. We’ll visit family and friends. And quite possibly get married.

So that leads me to my One Little Word for this year…


I’m going to embrace what 2014 has to offer. We’ve had some much change this past year that I’m still finding my footing along the way. I’m trying to find some balance. I’m trying to find some sleep 🙂

I picked the word embrace to help me remember to embrace the good, the bad, the things that teach me life lessons, and things that take my breath away. To embrace moments that are worth remembering and the people worth forgetting. To embrace change, sadness, happiness, and absolute joy.

I’m looking forward to embracing it all and charging forward with 2014!


2 thoughts on “One Little Word- 2014

  1. lightlystructured says:

    I’m just catching up on your blog on your birthday and read this. “Embrace” is the perfect word choice after your 2013 and definitely a word I learned the meaning of over the course of my 2013. This year I’m going to continue with the attitude that embracing change and new perspectives gives you. Who knows where it will lead! Also, I’m totally trying to imagine now the pictures you will post of Autumn in another year. So much bigger, walking, talking and full of personality!


  2. Linda Gionfriddo says:

    Sorry for the lateness but my internet is not working. What a word Embrace !!
    Your thoughts are so awesome. Life is a lot better when we Embrace and Accept what comes our way. Autumn is very lucky to have you and Price to Embrace each day with her.


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