Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Autumn_Cutie Pie_01

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

This week for Pie Day Friday I’m serving up this Cutie Pie!!

This Cutie Pie is a rather sweet dish. I say if you’re going to indulge on something sweet then you should just go all out.

Autumn_Cutie Pie_02 Autumn_Cutie Pie_03

And I think that you need something super sweet and adorable on Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to shower your favorite people in the world with extra love.

Cutie Pie

Makes 2 servings (for mommy and daddy)


  • 1 Super Adorable Baby
  • lots of Squishable Hugs
  • tons of Sloppy Kisses
  • endless Snuggles
  • infinite Love


  1. Combine all of the ingredients and enjoy!

Autumn_Cutie Pie_04

The “I just ate 5oz and I’m in a food coma” look

Autumn_Cutie Pie_05


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