Monday Munchies: Dinner at Back Bay Social Club with Cisco Brewer’s

  As part of my Monday Munchies series, I will feature a different eatery for a review on the first and third Monday of every month. Hope you enjoy!


BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-1

 A few weeks ago I attending an incredible dinner at Back Bay Social Club. They host specialty dinners where the chefs base the 4-course menus on the drinks that are being served that night. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend one of these delightful events.

For this night the dinner was paired with the beers from Cisco Brewer’s. Cisco Brewer’s, a local brewery based on Nantucket, is a triple threat brewery that makes beer, wine, and spirits. I had never had their products so I was looking forward to trying the beers out. As well, as seeing what the chef at BBSC would make to pair with each beverage.

BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-2 BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-3

After some shopping at the near by mall, I headed to BBSC and down I went into the lower bar level for the dinner party. People were milling about and chatting while enjoying cans of Sankaty Light Lager. Servers were passing around appetizers for use to enjoy along with the hoppy beer.

My 2 favorite appetizers were the stuffed mushrooms and the prosciutto wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates. The mushrooms were teeny tiny and poppable. I could have eaten a tray of these babies. The stuffed dates were perfectly paired with the Sankaty Light Lager. The date was sweet and salty and just so happened to sync up nicely with the refreshing beer. It was a light beer so it would be perfect to enjoy on hot summer nights. Just pop a top and sip.

As well, I now can say that I have had bone marrow butter. It was super rich but really interesting. The bone marrow butter was served on toast points with some wilted ramps. I feel that trying it that one time is enough for me because of how rich it was but I’m glad I decided to try something new.

After the passed appetizers, we were then seated at 2 long clusters of tables for our dinner to being. During the dinner both the representatives from Cisco and BBSC spoke about the beers and food while explaining how they were paired.

BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-4

To my delight a plate was lowered in front of me that contained a large Day Boat Scallop that was sitting in a shell along with with Chilled Cucumber Coulis, Black Pepper Seared Halloumi Cheese and a garnish of mint. This was almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

The scallop was paired with Cisco’s Grey Lady Ale. This was my favorite beer of the night. It is named after the nickname for the foggy island where the beer is made. I enjoyed the flavors from the fresh fruit and spices that the beer is made with. 

BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-7 BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-5

The Main Course was a Potato Wrapped Grouper that was served with a Pineapple Burre Blanc and some sautéed Root Spinach. This was paired with a large glass of Madaquet IPA.

BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-6

The fish wash light and flaky. It was cooked perfectly in its potato wrapper. The spinach was flavorful, but a bit difficult to eat as they had long steams making for a big bite.

BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-8

The Fourth Course of the evening was the dessert course. Cisco’s Island Series Reserve Lager was paired with BBSC’s Peanut Butter Torte. The torte was served with a Banana Sabayon, Fried Plantains, Salted Caramel. The torte was creamy and had layers of flavor from the crumbly crust to the peanut butter filling to the caramel. The plantain provided a nice crunch to the dessert. Plus, it was just a fun flourish to the top of the slice.

BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-9

The lager was richer in flavor compared to the ones that we had earlier in the night. It was also the strongest beer of the evening with 6.5% abv. I’m not a big fan of heavy beers but this was a nice contrast to the sweetness in the dessert. It provided a nice overall balance.

BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-10

After dessert I grabbed a cab home. I stared out the window watching the rain streak across the windows as I thought about the great food and drink I just had and the great family I was heading home too. It was a wonderful night.

If the food at this speciality dinner is an indication of the quality and creativity involved in the normal menu at Back Bay Social Club I know I will be going back. I already have been eyeing their brunch menu and their signature burger. So while you can’t go back and time and enjoy this dinner with me, you can enjoy a great meal at BBSC and enjoy a cold brew from Cisco.

*While I did receive this complimentary dinner provided by Back Bay Social Club and Cisco Brewer’s, these opinions are entirely my own.


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