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Happy Autumn Olivia-9

Here’s a long post. And I don’t even know where to begin.

Actually, I’ll start with the crappy, sad stuff to get that out of the way and then get to the fun, good stuff.

Happy Autumn Olivia-10 Happy Autumn Olivia-11

Our rabbit Jack died on Friday.

I was pumping (what else is new?!) and Price was getting our camping gear all gathered up. He ran down to the finished basement/den/whatever you want to call it to get the stuff and came back up a minute later. As soon as he sat down next to me and said ‘Nic’ I knew one of the rabbits died. Ugh, it totally sucked all the energy out of the night. Plenty of waterworks later we figured it would just be best to bury him asap and Price dug a hole in our little yard and we said out good byes to Jack. We are going to put a big pot full of flowers over his little gravesite.

He was such a good rabbit. Super friendly to us and to Bunny, who truthfully is a royal grump, and is exactly why we got him. She was such a pain in the ass and seemed miserable that I wanted her to cheer up with a friend. Well, it turns out that she is just horrible but they fell in love. Or whatever. He was so mellow that the just went with the flow with her, and us. As long has he had plenty of food he was just so happy. We called him a cow because of his black and brown spots on his white super soft fur, as well as the fact that he could hoover anything in sight… including books! But he really loved raisins, bananas, carrots, cilantro, parsley, and tomatoes.

I’m super sad now that he is gone but I really regret that I didn’t spend the same amount of time with them pre-baby vs post-baby. Ugh, and don’t even get me started on my decline in blogging about them- horrible :-(. But it is what it is and I did the best that I could so now I can beat myself up over it or just think back about the fun times we had playing around (even in the snow!) with our handsome model bun. Even Kemper loved getting to know them, and eat their hay (& poop too).

So it’s just us with horrible, yet super cute, Bunny. I just hope that she enjoys the single life again. wahh 😦

Happy Autumn Olivia-5

After Friday night sucking so very much because of Jack’s passing, we stopped crying, regrouped, and decided to continue on with our plans of going camping on Saturday morning. We planned on going to Pillsbury State Park in New Hampshire but long story short we ended up going to a camp ground in Maine. It was such a nice escape, a lot of work with Autumn and Kemper for just 1 night, but a nice escape, especially since I would have just moped around about Jack.

We had a great time together roasting hot dogs over the fire, swimming in the pool, taking Autumn on walks, making Reese’s Cup S’mores, watching bats catch bugs at dusk, and sit by the fire in the light of the supermoon. It seems that Autumn liked the whole experience too so I’m hoping her love of camping/glamping grows as she gets old, and stops trying to eat the grass/sticks/rocks… why child? why?!!?

Happy Autumn Olivia-12 Happy Autumn Olivia-8

I got a Fitbit on June 28th. Since then I’ve become an addict to hitting all my goals. So far it’s tracked over 250 miles- I just got a badge for that today 🙂 It has been keeping me motivated at getting off my butt and walking the dog all around. I’ve noticed a change in him too. Now that we’ve been doing 4+ miles a day he is WIPED OUT. Because he doesn’t have all this extra energy bubbling up at the surface he has been much more well behaved.

I was super sore this morning (I figure it’s combo from camping, needing to do some serious stretching) so I didn’t walk him for our normal 20-30 minute walk. Since I’m about 1.5 miles off at this point, I’m not sure if I’ll hit my 10,000 step/5 mile goal for today since I’m need a pedicure and I’m hell bent on getting one tonight. And while I would be super bummed not to fit a goal I figure it would balance out as I got 16,833 steps (6.82 miles) on Saturday and 15,342 steps (6.2 miles) on Sunday. << yeah, prob why I’m a little sore!

Happy Autumn Olivia-6

Happy Autumn Olivia-2 Happy Autumn Olivia-1

Autumn waved yesterday for the first time. She did it in the mirror to herself which was the cutest. But when she lit up and waved at Price I became a gooey mess and cried. Oh damn, she is just so lovely.

Happy Autumn Olivia-7

Our little miss didn’t sleep that well while we were camping (Saturday night) but we figured it wouldn’t go well anyway, so no big. It probably was the combination of change in routine, new place, different noises, and general baby stuffs. Well, she went down fairly easily last night, and I woke up rested this morning. Which brings me to this funny (for me) convo Price and I had on the way to daycare this morning…

ME:  “You know, I can’t believe she slept through the night.”
PRICE: “She didn’t.”
ME: “What?”
PRICE: “I got up with her!”
ME: “Oh, how many times?”
PRICE: “Like 3 times.”
ME: “Sorry, you should get me up.”
PRICE: “Oh I tried…”

 AND I WIN!!!!

Happy Autumn Olivia-4 Happy Autumn Olivia-3

Price took these photos of little miss Autumn over the Fourth of July weekend. I just love them so much!


3 thoughts on “‘Round Here

  1. William Kelly says:

    Glad that the camping trip went alright. Autumn is just precious. So sorry to hear about Jack. Word of caution with regards to raisins and grapes. They are very toxic to dogs, I have no idea about rabbits but never for a dog. They will shut down the kidneys.


    • iamahoneybee says:

      Oh yeah, so toxic, as well as avocado, chocolate, and onions- which kemper still tries to eat if I drop, which means I need to chase him!!
      The rabbits (now just the one) are gated off from Kemper because, while he is really friendly with them, he tries to eat the hay and poo. So he only gets supervised visits.


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