Happy Easter!

So I had a whole blog post written up about Easter, what it means to me, it’s origins, how I was happy I was not bribed to go to church, how I spent the day, rabbits, how i think someone is a jerk for posting about ‘celebrating’ Easter by eating rabbit, and much more. I got to the end, proof read it, and then deleted the whole damn thing. I was just not in the mood to get preachy about religion, why giving rabbits as gifts is a bad idea, and eating rabbit. I’m too tired to go there.

Instead I will leave you with this:

Hope you had a great Easter!

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28-year old New Englander. A crafty, sarcastic, shoe hoarding, iphone addict, home cook, new mom who loves to document it all in scrapbooks (and this blog)
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One Response to Happy Easter!

  1. bunnies :) they’re so cute!

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