Springs for Legs

Springs for legs-4

When we were back visiting Price’s hometown over the Fourth of July, we took full advantage of his brother’s great big backyard. We typically had him steaked on a leader so he could move around with some freedom to pick the best spots for laying under the trees. At one point we did let him off the leash to run around for a bit but we kept some cheese in our pockets as a quick bribe for him to come back incase he was thinking of running off into a neighbors’ yard. Thankfully he didn’t do that and just enjoyed running around after Price and me.

Springs for legs-7

Springs for legs-5

Prior to that we did have a bit of fun with him, some sticks, and my new camera. I love to get him to jump really high so I grabbed some good sticks as quick toy for him. Bostons are mega jumpers so he was easily leaping several feet in the air. I love that kind of jumping, not the jump on your clean dress or white pants jumping. Can’t he understand that?! ha!

Springs for legs-6

Springs for legs-1

Springs for legs-3

Springs for legs-2

Love him to bits!


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